Why Steve Jobs was the best at public presentations


There’s no question Steve Jobs was extraordinarily good at product introductions. Part of that was simply his raw passion for Apple and its products. In fact, he wasn’t an especially gifted orator, but he happened to be such an effective public communicator because he worked really hard and practiced his ability to take his audience on a journey.

Even today, much of the style and feel of the company’s big announcements are a direct reflection of the person who turned product launches into an art form.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why Jobs was so effective as a public speaker, there are certainly a variety of reasons, but I think there’s one that stands out. And the good news is, it’s one you can absolutely master as well.

He used as few words as possible. It’s true, in public speaking, less is more. Specifically adjectives– words like, “new,” “great,” “amazing,” or “powerful.” It’s not that he never used them, but when he did, they had meaning because he was careful not to waste their effect with overuse.

MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs famous for practicing his keynote addresses and special event presentations over and over and then over again, until every word and slide meant something.


  1. No, the premise is incomplete. The guy who cried “wolf,” who had a pretty simple message/few words, but when all said and done, few believed him.
    A history of CRED enables few words to have impact.
    For the “homers” here that can’t stand when their team gets a spanking, close your ears. This is the difference btwn Steve and Cook. Cook can use the words “great, exciting, amazing” RE: things in the pipeline—just like Steve might’ve—but Tim has “cried wolf” so many times without such things materializing. No, I don’t think Steve was a god, nor do I think he was without mistake, but I do think this is a material difference between the two as it relates to the article.

  2. Steve Jobs was great at presentations because not only did he use as few words as possible, not only did he polish his presentations, and not only was he passionate of Apple and its products but mostly he was passionate for what people could DO with Apple products. Many people did things for THE FIRST TIME with Macs, iPads and iPhones. Many things would be impossible without them.

    In short: he believed in YOU.

    1. Im sorry .. but i need to amend what you wrote…

      In short: he believed in You ‘being a Bozo’

      To Steve most people were “ Bozos”.. well documented.

      Steve had a lot of unpleasant flaws… but it was Charisma that always came to his rescue and let him get away with a lot of stuff most wouldn’t be able to.

      Charisma is a powerful gift!

      1. Those who down voted.. not that legit down voting is a problem .. but in this case you are downvoting not an opinion..but documented facts

        Steves opinion of people was
        ” most people are Bozos” + ” people don’t know what they want…”

        U can down vote all u like.. but that does not change reality .

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