Apple just dealt a major blow to Facebook with new iOS 13 feature

Apple has a new feature in its upcoming iOS 13 that could pose major issues for messaging and calling apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Kate O’Flaherty, Forbes:

In the interest of privacy, Apple’s updated version of its operating system will not let apps run voice over internet protocol (VoIP) in the background when programs are not actively in use, according to news site The Information.

And many apps offering these sorts of services do run in the background so, they claim, they can connect calls quickly. But this also means the apps can collect information on what people are doing on their devices.

Ethical hacker John Opdenakker says because users will be able to see when an app is running, it will be “a serious privacy improvement.” Independent security researcher Sean Wright agrees. “It’s encouraging to see some companies at least focus on their users’ privacy.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple keeps pounding stakes into the hearts of the personal data vampires!

People who value privacy and security use Apple products.MacDailyNews, September 12, 2015

The more people are educated about unchecked data collection and the more who value their privacy, the better Apple’s sales will be. Today, it’s literally Apple against the world.MacDailyNews, July 14, 2017


    1. Sounds like apps that want to use VOIP will need to create an alert system and force you to open the app, or bring it forward before any VOIP connection will be made.

  1. That’s unfortunate to be honest. It feels like they should provide VOIP apps with a limited interface that destroys all location data and only has access to VOIP functionality when not running. VOIP is really useful when travelling and you don’t want to get a phone plan in the country you’re visiting. Being not beholden to phone companies gives you flexibility as you can either rely on wifi or get a data-only plan.

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