Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California

Is 5G microwave radiation a carcinogenic, killing bees around 5G cell towers? Bizarre footage showing hundreds of bees dead on the ground surrounding what appeared to be two 5G towers in California has gone viral.

5G kills bees?
5G kills bees?

On social media, forums and online blogs, anti-5G activists attribute a slew of maladies to 5G microwave radiation, including cancer, infertility, autism, Alzheimer’s, killing bees, and more. In November 2018, a viral Facebook post blamed a 5G test mast for the mysterious death of 300 birds in the Netherlands (the test actually took place months earlier). Some anti-5G activists share tips on how to damage or destroy expensive 5G towers.

Simon Green for Daily Star:

The superfast broadband has sparked controversy since rolling out this year, with health experts claiming it could have serious side effects on humans. And there are now claims online that bees could also be affected after a video went viral. The clip – taken in Sierra Madre, California – shows the lifeless bodies of the bees lying on the ground…

But others questioned what was seen in the clip. Some pointed out the bees could just be drone bees – which die after mating. Others claimed the poles could not be holding 5G broadband, with one saying: “5G has only been installed in major cities, dude. It’s not in Sierra Madre and it probably never will be.”

MacDailyNews Take: We very much doubt these non-5G towers are killing bees. There could be a local use of a pesticide, perhaps, or another cause that’s totally unrelated to 5G.


  1. This is an online petition if anyone wants to do something about this clear unconstitutional injustice. Please do your research and sign and spread if you agree we should halt this technology until we actually study it.

    Is it too much to ask that this technology is proven safe before we blanket the population with it??
    Especially when the telecommunication companies have had all liability removed by a 24 year old law?

  2. If there is any threat to the pollinators something will have to be done a world without them isn’t a livable world.

    And 5g as a tech product is all marketing for next 5 years. (The network isn’t close to being built out).

  3. We live in Alaska, a small state. There are 5G towers going up here. They’re thing about how it is only going up in large cities is bull. I am not for 5G and I will fight it in court. 5G both kills our american rights to privacy, and has undeniable health effects. 4G is close to stepping over the line, 5G is stepping over! We already know that it is not just the government that is tracking every little thing we do but also the big corporations. There is little we can do about it but I plan to do everything I can to keep our country free! The fact is is that we are being manipulated. Being sensored, and I can almost bet this comment is going to be deleted. America is falling. There is no freedom of speech anymore, they label it as hate speech. For anyone who didn’t know, hate speech is free speech. People look around! This is not the america our ancestors fought for, where are we the people in this, we should be fighting back! but because no one is going to fight back, we have already lost. America has fallen.

    1. Not likely to be deleted, but probably ignored. I don’t think we fought the Revolutionary War for the right to have slow cell service. As for free speech, people are obviously able to express scientific nonsense, and do.

  4. 5G is not only in major cities… It is being put everywhere. I live on Maui, a little island in Hawaii and it is being put in every town here. This is a serious matter. There have been no tests to prove safe and we are seeing the negative effects with our own eyes!

  5. Please watch “Resonance- Beings of Frequency” for a basic, purely scientific understanding as to how mobile phone frequencies well below the recommended levels harm bee’s and birds, and also affect human cells:

    Please also watch “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation- Dr Devra Davis” for another very basic introduction into just a handful of the studies that our corrupt governments, regulatory bodies and mainstream media claim do not exist :

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