Apple market value once again exceeds $1 trillion

At market open, Apple Inc. is again worth north of $1 trillion.

Shares of Apple are trading around $218.72, +$9.94 (+4.76%) resulting in a market value of $1.008 trillion.

For the moment, Apple is the second most-valuable publicly-traded company. Currently, Microsoft is overvalued at $1.067 trillion, but MSFT shares are in the red at the start of the day’s trading. We’ll see how the day goes.

No.3 Amazon’s valuation stands at $936.097 billion.

UPDATE 9:50am EDT:
• AAPL $220.07, +$11.29 (+5.41%), market cap $1.013 trillion
• MSFT $139.33, -$01.02 (-0.73%), market cap $1.065 trillion

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