Jim Cramer: ‘Better-than-feared’ Apple earnings may be enough to pop the stock and overall market

Jessica Bursztynsky for CNBC:

Apple shares could very well rally on “better-than-feared” earnings, even if quarterly numbers are not that great, according to CNBC’s Jim Cramer

“I know it’s a big week for earnings, but I’m really focused on Apple,” Cramer said Monday on “Squawk Box. ” “There’s a lot of thought that Apple, people are so bearish on it, that it can rally on a subpar number.”

Analyst estimates call for adjusted Apple earnings of $2.10 per share for its fiscal third quarter. That would be a 10% drop from the year-ago period… If Apple were to eke out a quarterly beat when it reports after the bell Tuesday, that may be enough to also continue an uptrend trend in the overall stock market, Cramer added. “That’s been the theme: When you have this better than feared, the stocks go higher,” he said. “It’s all about better than feared. People really feared this earnings period.” He added, “It turns out that that fear was not justified.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

People tend to fear the worst. It almost never happens.MacDailyNews, May 14, 2019

As usual, we’ll bring you Apple’s results right around 4:30pm EDT on Tuesday and then cover Apple’s conference call with analysts with live notes starting at 5pm EDT.


  1. Yeah, that sounds really encouraging. Kinda like if you fall down the stairs you’ll be lucky if you don’t break your neck. AAPL really needs to be seen in a better light than that.

    I got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. I also wish all loyal, fellow shareholders that the stock goes up, even if it’s just a tiny bit. The constant roller-coaster ride of Apple stock can make a person nauseous. It’s rather unsettling how Microsoft and Google can knock it out of the park but Apple has to keep hoping for a bases-loaded walk.

    1. Microsoft is run by a well respected executive. Satya Nadella is regarded as the man who corrected the clusterfsck that was Steve Ballmer’s leadership.

      Tim Cook is regarded as Steve Ballmer 2.0.

      Shitcan Cook and Apple stock will rally strong. Very very strong.

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