Apple debuts privacy-focused iPhone campaign in Germany

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

Apple’s clever location-based ad campaign for its approach to privacy continues, with new privacy-focused billboards appearing in Germany…

The German ad campaign was spotted by Macerkopf.

Hamburg’s port is a major international shipping center, with products from all areas of Germany being shipped abroad from there. The city proudly calls itself the “gateway to the world,” and Apple plays directly into this.

Apple’s privacy-focused billboard reads, “Das Tor zur Welt. Nicht zu deinen Informationen“: “The gateway to the world. Not to your information.” A second poster in the city proclaims, “Verrät so wenig über Hamburger wie Hamburger“: “Betrays as little about Hamburgers as hamburger.”

There’s also a German television spot:

MacDailyNews Note: In Germany, according to Ipsos Public Affairs’ Internet Security & Trust Global Survey (2019), a total of 68% are concerned about personal online privacy (12% very concerned + 55% somewhat concerned).


  1. In the German press or TV, almost no distinction is made in terms of privacy between Apple and Google/Amazon/Facebook. So, I think it is a good idea Apple is trying to make a point there.

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