‘LoveFrom Jony’ trademark filed as Ive exits Apple to launch independent design firm

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Last month, Apple announced that Jony Ive would be leaving the company to form his own independent design firm. Now Ive has taken the initial public steps toward officially launching that firm…

New documents from the US Patents and Trademark Office reveal that Ive has officially filed for a trademark for the term “LoveFrom Jony.” The filing is dated July 18, 2019. The foreign filing date listed is May 29, 2019.

Ive’s original announcement had said the firm would simply be named “LoveFrom,” but it now appears that at least one aspect of the brand will be “LoveFrom Jony.”

MacDailyNews Take:

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  1. Re MDN’s take, that’s exactly what I felt and was going to comment on this article. Either way, the naming by one of the greatest artists in the world. Rejoice the new name….

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