Please use ethernet cables whenever you can. Please.

Apple TV 4K offers Gigabit Ethernet
Apple TV 4K offers Gigabit Ethernet

Alex Perry for Mashable:

Wired internet still exists and it’s still going strong. In fact, you should probably still use it whenever you can. Convenience doesn’t always produce the best results, and that’s definitely true when it comes to internet speeds. Ethernet cables might be old-fashioned, but there are still plenty of reasons why you should use them whenever possible.

The fact of the matter is that a wired connection is still objectively better for just about anything that requires an internet connection. Sometimes the benefits are subtle, but sometimes they’re life-changing… Wireless connections are also more prone to signal drops and high latency. If you’re just browsing the web, you might not notice this, but people who are in online video games with you definitely will. Last but obviously not least, the connection speed is almost always going to be slower on a wireless connection. My home WiFi is very good and my connection speed still multiplies by two or three when I plug in an ethernet cable.

MacDailyNews Take: All of our Apple TV 4K units are connected via their gigabit ethernet ports. You don’t get that important option with cheapo streaming sticks.


  1. In recent years I have not found that to be the case. Our use this Arris docs 3.0 cable modem with a Synology router. Most of the time I get 110 to 120 MB/s better than the advertised rate of 100MB/s. If slow, it’s the isp line (rain) or the modem needs resetting.

    I thought perhaps the argument to use Ethernet cables was security. I would do this but it’s daunting to pull cable through the attic and down into the rooms.

    1. There is an option to use the electrical circuits in your home to avoid pulling cables. Power link, and this is currently the best model to use: TP-Link TL-WPA8630 V2.

    2. Depends on your speed. I have a full 1 Gbps internet. You will not get that in wireless. Unless it’s AC and you’re in the same room. A laptop direct above the router on my first floor, I have a Netgear nighthawk X10, gets a good 200-300 Mbps on the 5g, but gets the full gig wired and tends to react much better for streaming it using in home share. WiFi should only be a last resort of no other option. My home, if it can be wired, it is. 32 port switch required, but worth it.

      1. I’ve got as much as I can hard wired in my house. Only the things that can’t be wired are wireless. I use a Netgear 24 port switch and all is neatly wired, even thought it took me a while to do it. Even my TVs and streaming boxes are all wired and I’ll be hard wiring my Sonos speakers too.

  2. I was fortunate to get a house with ethernet already wired into the house. An outlet in every room. Even the kitchen. Awesome. I still use wifi for a few things like updates to the iPhone so I don’t use up data for the updates. Otherwise a few devices that require wifi like Ring Doorbell and an internet radio. Those devices I only connect to the wifi guest network for security reasons.

  3. I have a weird problem with a wired Roku Ultra. It is connected directly to the router with a 12 inch ethernet cable. Whenever I watch The handmaids Tale the audio is off by about 3 seconds.
    When I watch the same show in the bedroom with a Roku Premier using a wireless connection the audio is synched.
    Haven’t been able to figure out why.

    1. It may be your tv resolution. You can change he video settings in the Roku device. Having the resolution to high for the type of tv can cause that sync issue also. 120 /240 refresh rate. Might be an easy fix for you.

    2. Apparently, an ethernet cable tht short can cause transmission issues. I’m not sure if there is a real industry standard, but it’s not recommended to make them less that a meter.

    3. Citizenx- you might want to go from yoiur router to a netgear powered 4 port splitter, they increase the speed, then use a cat 5 cable i believe is the quicker type. Very important to set it up in roku settings and the unplug the roku for 40 seconds for your new settings to be in effect, it shuts iff your wifi on the roku, but you can only shut off wifi on the remote with a roku2 w the upgrade, there are 2 version, you want the infared remote, rather than wifi remote for less emfs.

  4. Ethernet is not dated, ethernet is not expensive, ethernet is not daunting. If you have the ability to wire your house and hide the wire, DO IT. When building a new house, Ethernet everywhere. 4 runs to a every TV zone, 2 CAT cables to either side of the potential office. 2 more to the centre of the floor if you plan to have a desk in the middle of the office.

  5. Wireless exposes you to Rf radiation, with ethernet you also have to shut off its wireless ability to stop the Rf frequencies. The roku2 has this ability, so does android 8-10 ph
    ones, they still work w calls, text, internet but far safer and faster, all run thru a netgear splitter. The phone needs a ethernet connector type c for android. Location, bluetooth mobile data need shutoff, when not in airplane mode you are totally wired with none of the Rf to harm your health.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but unless you live in like the 1 fcc quiet zone (in West Virginia), your RF exposure is constant. Turning off your WiFi on these devices does nothing.

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