Apple software becomes lifestyle

Dana Blankenhorn for InvestorPlace:

Hardware becoming software is one of the key trends of this decade. As Apple prepares to refresh its product line for the fall of 2019, it is selling its software as a lifestyle.

The key product launch investors need to consider is the Apple Card, the company’s entry into finance.

Apple’s strategy is coming into focus. It’s a lifestyle and an indenture. It’s a walled garden where, in exchange for promises of privacy, Apple controls everything you have, including your cash flow… People who believe in Apple tend to go all-in. The most important point about the iPhone’s market share is its stability. They have half of the U.S. market and over one-fifth of the global market.

MacDailyNews Take: Those of us who are smartly all-Apple have such an easy time with technology compared to the rest of the world. Inside the walled garden we have Continuity – it all just works!


  1. If you are pathetic enough to even belief in this notion of ‘lifestyle’, then you asked for it. I’ll take the privacy, thanks. What an idiotic article. Is anything in tech written by people over the age of 25 anymore?

  2. EVERYBODY has a lifestyle and wears costumes.
    – Truck, jeans, stetson, manly-man walk
    – Corporate look. Fancy suits. Even the t-shirt obviously costs a lot.
    – I don’t care. I’m so casual.
    – I’m a middle of the road suburban, middle-class, respectable minivan owner.
    – I’m a breeder with 10 children.

    It’s ALL lifestyle… including whatever you own and wear, James.

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