One day you’ll wear your Mac like sunglasses

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

What happens if your AirPods become your primary connection with all your computing devices, accessed in the cloud? What if you could interact with remote systems using Voice Control?

That’s a nice dream, I guess, but the big challenge to developing voice-based user interfaces is authorization. How does a computer know who you are?

Nuance just might have found the missing link…

MacDailyNews Take: Could this be the kind of opportunity Apple’s focus on AR and Voice Control opens up when it eventually introduces its often speculated upon Apple AR glasses?

We rather suspect the Betteridge Law may apply here, but never say never.


  1. Of course, people who wear hearing aids cannot use AirPods. Many hearing aids now come MFi (made for iPhone). I have no idea how well they work, or how Apple might include them in any ease-of-interconnectivity options they build into AirPods.

  2. I wear in- the- ear hearing aids, and my AirPods work perfectly. The clincher is for Apple to buy a top brand hearing aid company and combine the technology expertise.

    1. Many cannot use (the very nice option of) in-the-ear hearing aids, depending on the type of hearing loss they have. They must use receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids, which also have a piece behind the ear (smaller than the older style behind-the-ear models).

      It would be interesting if Apple could offer a receiver-in-the-ear option built-in to their future AR glasses.

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