Intel pulls mobile patents sale, enters exclusive talks with ‘unnamed buyer’

Richard Lloyd, Jacob Schindler, Joff Wild for iam:

“However, given the reports of Apple’s interest in the chipmaker’s overall smartphone modem business, the iPhone giant must be seen as among the most likely bidders.

“Given the companies’ long relationship, Apple will know the Intel wireless portfolio better than most, while finding the funds needed for a purchase would not be a problem…

“Because of the size of the portfolio, the quality of Intel’s assets in general and the fact that this was shaping up to be the first – and perhaps only – opportunity to acquire a significant collection of 5G patents, the auction was shaping up to be the biggest patent sale since the Nortel one back in 2011.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple could do a lot with these patents…


  1. MDN- Apple could do a lot with these patents. Tim Cook will drag and drag and wait to see where the industry is going and fast follow. it is his way. Not Tim Cooks way.

  2. 5G patients would be important for Apple and for well funded users. The issue will be the costs of heavy use of 5G and the costs that carriers add for significant increase in data use.. How much value does 5G add to basic phone calls or texting?

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