Health insurer Anthem is hiring Apple staff for next-gen health services

Christina Farr for CNBC:

“In the past few months, Anthem has hired Warris Bokhari from Apple Health, as well as Toni Trujillo Vian (a 24-year Apple vet), and senior machine learning researcher Stefanos Giampanis, according to LinkedIn and two people familiar with the matter.

“The health insurer also hired Ted Goldstein, a former Apple vice president from 2002 to 2007, to run its AI and health data efforts, about six months ago, and some lower-level folks like Berick Bacani, a former Apple operations specialist, as a UX designer on the digital team.

“The focus on hiring from Apple dates back a few years: Anthem’s vice president of commercial Aneesh Kumar, who has been at the company for a few years started his career in the 1990s as a product manager at Apple. And Rajeev Ronanki, the company’s chief digital officer, previously worked at the consulting firm Deloitte on health innovation-related projects.”

MacDailyNews Take: Digital health will be like any other app – you’ll want your health apps to be well-designed, easy-to-use and understand, like any iOS app. No wonder they are hiring away Apple talent as they try to build that vision.

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  1. Want this to come sooner than later. There are so many apps. And, they’re not compatible. In my case alone, every time I go to Sentara Hospital to do any work-up, they make me sign using a digital pen that is windows based. Then, they print those forms that I just signed. From there, they attach bar codes with my info in it, to be then scanned into an electronic form. It’s so inefficient. I literally spend about 10 minutes this process. To make matters worse, their system is still DOS-based!!! It’s crazy.

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