Apple granted patent for a small form factor telephoto camera

Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:

Apple has been granted a patent (number 10,338,344) for a small form telephoto camera as it looks for more ways to improve the photo/video abilities of its iPhone and iPad products.

Apple says that achieving higher resolution with small package size cameras generally requires use of a photosensor with small pixel size and a good, compact imaging lens system. Advances in technology have achieved reduction of the pixel size in photosensors.

However, as photosensors become more compact and powerful, demand for compact imaging lens system with improved imaging quality performance has increased. Apple wants to take advantage of these developments in its iPhone and iPad products.

MacDailyNews Take: Which reminds that, regardless of whether the inventions covered in this patent are used right away or not, the triple-camera system in the next generation iPhones will be a major selling point as Apple understands the importance of cameras and photography and smartly focuses on camera hardware and software.


  1. As Apple inadvertently destroys point ans shoot cameras, it can swoop right in to offer its own point and shoot to its built-in, devoted customer base to achieve success with it.

    I can envision a mere 10 sec. Apple commercial to save money. It would show a LGBTQ model turning off CarPlay, stepping out of the AppleCar, walking a few steps to the handrail overlooking the handsome beach in Malibu, CA, and on the iPhone telling the partner to “meet me here.” AI would provide the location details. Would need to work in EarBuds, iMac, HomePod, et al, if the commercial were designed to showcase all the gadgets developed by then.

  2. Improvements in the iPhone photo/video abilities – hardware and software – have been the main driver for each of my upgrades. So bring on a decent telephoto please, and I’ll be a buyer.

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