I’ve gone iPad-only – here’s why you should, too

The complete iPad lineup now includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays and all-day battery life.
The complete Apple iPad lineup now includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays and all-day battery life.

Ian Ling for VR-Zone:

I can’t lie. I scoffed when I heard that Apple considered the iPad a computer. Surely no one takes people who use iPads with keyboards seriously?

Oh, how the tables have turned. I’ve spent the best part of the last six months on my iPad, and I’m actually enjoying it far more than I have on some of the sleekest, most powerful, most expensive laptops in my time.

To be fair, I’ve got the good fortune to have most of Apple’s current five-device iPad line-up on hand to make such a bold statement. But it’s not too far-fetched, even if you consider yourself a “power user”. There’s a huge caveat that comes with that statement, but we’ll get to it later.

MacDailyNews Take: Many, many people think they need a traditional “computer” who would be much better served with an iPad. They don’t know it, yet, but they will eventually. And, it’s only going to get (much) better with the release of iPadOS this fall!


  1. I use my iMac all the time but find very little use for my iPad and I rarely use it. I think that might change with the new OS because it fixes something that made me hate using the iPad for the internet, mobile web pages.

  2. Live and let live, folks. Some people are fine with an iPad and accessories. They do light work and may not need a more flexible and powerful computer. Others need the latest or the desktop or even a Mac Pro workstation. Fine, that’s what they should get.

    Why all of this arguing? An iPad is certainly a computer. It can do more than many computers could not so long ago. It just doesn’t offer the same style of file access and such that many people want or need. But I use my iPad a lot more than I use my home computer – the convenience and portability are unmatched and the display is a reasonable size. Apple hit the sweet spot for a tablet from day one.

    Let go of the anger and hate that you are spewing on this forum. We can all appreciate Apple in our own way.

    1. A way of life is rapidly disappearing. Some folks accept it gracefully, others strike out at the world, angry that things are changing faster that they are able to adapt. They see that someone can happily ignore macOS and they see that as a personal attack on themselves. “HOW DARE YOU DO WITHOUT MACOS? THEN YOU AND YOUR LIFE AND THE THINGS YOU CREATE ARE OBVIOUSLY WORTHLESS!”

      It’s a problem that will sort itself out over time…

  3. The day the iPad comes with dual 27 inch monitors, directly connects to multiple cameras and printers, includes 8 TB storage and allows simultaneous editing of multiple 45 mb RAW files (which is NEEDED in my workflow), I’ll think about it.
    Until then, morons like this can stop pontificating on how “You don’t really need a computer”.

  4. I am surprised at how much many Mac users have scorn for the iPad. Lots of the people on these forums are IT people who obviously need more than an iPad for their job, but the vast majority of people are not doing technical work that requires the resources of a Mac. They may well be in professional jobs, but not in the area of IT requirements. For those people the iPad may be exactly what they require to get direct to their work without the technical complications that a Mac can bring. I have a 27” iMac but >95% of my work is done on an iPad Pro managing an international business. I prefer using the iPad Pro to the large Mac. Often a book size device is better than a large unwieldy canvas. Everyone to their own! If you prefer, or need a Mac, then use a Mac – that is fine. But if someone else prefers an iPad, that is their choice too. Just great we have a choice.

  5. So what this guys describes is basically casual usage, not power user usage. So what is the point of this article, certainly not laptop alternative? We all know reading, note taking, and web browsing is excellent on the iPad. Just looks like another click bait article.

  6. A toy doesn’t meet my needs. I need heavy duty programs. I run a 27″ iMac and use Parallels to access Windows. The plans to drop Windows compatibility for the sake of ARM processors are a joke and Steve Jobs would fired anyone suggesting it.

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