10 reasons to buy Apple’s new 2019 iPod Touch

Gary Rosenzweig for MacMost:

The new iPod Touch is a modest update, but it does mean continued support from Apple for the foreseeable future. In a world with more capable iPhones, what are some good reasons to desire an iPod Touch? It could be a nice complement to a work-provided phone, a pre-phone gadget for a child, or a dedicated streaming music device. It can even be a decent alternative to a point-and-shoot camera, though many will disagree.

MacDailyNews Take: iPod touch is certainly great for kids!


  1. Buy the new iPod Touch — because if you are an active individual who previously enjoyed the slim easy to use iPod Shuffles and iPod Nanos, you’re now out of luck and will have to accept the reduced product line that Apple offers!

  2. an iPod touch is for people who don’t don’t want to pay for cell data/voice calls, or make a lot of voice calls, and are savvy enough to realize how to use Skype/Facetime for calls and know that you can connect to wifi in lots of places like McDonalds.

    This is good for younger people and older people or anyone on a tight budget who still want Apple’s ecosystem. I, myself, find I’m making less and less voice calls and I’m using wifi more in remote places as it is becoming more and more available and I’m increasingly thinking why am I paying for a lot of cell data? I have this thought every time I get a robocall. 🙂

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