Only 17% of Apple AirPods owners have sex while wearing them

Chris Matyszczyk for ZDNet:

It seems that some AirPodists have realized there’s a time and a place for everything.

I base my joy on a survey of 1,010 Americans, almost 60% of whom were millennials. The survey was performed by event ticket site TickPick ( The core of the research was to discover the influence of music on sexual behavior.

The research intoned some shocking results. Why, it seems that those whose preferred genre is country music were the most satisfied with their sex lives. The most dissatisfied? Pop music listeners. (But of course.) It will surely surprise no one that those who love electronic dance music had the highest proportion of sex fetishists.

The most hopeful element, though, was that a mere 17% of AirPod owners wore them during sex. Or, rather, admitted to wearing them during sex.

While I find great uplift in learning that 83% of AirPod owners actually take them out before sex, the researchers offered a more disturbing angle. At least, when it came to the remaining 17%. They said: “For those who still care for their partner despite musical differences, modern technology may come in handy. Seventeen percent of Apple AirPod owners had sex while wearing them. The wireless earphones could offer simultaneous enjoyment of wildly different music tastes, although this is just one scenario.”

MacDailyNews Take: And, of the 17%, 100% of them were playing Barry White.

Perhaps when Apple’s audio sharing comes out of beta with the release of iOS 13, these numbers will increase?

Also, Matyszczyk needs to seek professional help regarding his disdain for AirPods and the people who wear them in public. Read the full article; his AirPods obsession seems unhealthy.


  1. Ugh, it only takes one time to tick the box, as in, “ have you ever…” I think it’s a bit ridiculous but if you are doing this in a bathroom stall or trying to join the mile high club, I suppose the question should be, ”Did you have time to remove your headphones, before sex?”

    You know those young-ens, tune in and check out. DO YOU HEAR ME? I said, GET A JOB. /s

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