Apple’s iPhone now has 19.5% of the smartphone market in China; fifth straight month of growth

Roger Fingas for AppleInsider:

Apple’s iPhone install base in China continued its fifth consecutive month of year-over-year growth in May, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

Apple gained 51 basis points to put it at 19.5% marketshare, Huberty said in an note to investors seen by AppleInsider… “In our view,” she continued, “iPhone price cuts, greater usage of financing vehicles, lower VAT taxes and Chinese consumer confidence that is up ~10 points from last summer (per the National Bureau of Statistics of China) are contributing to surprisingly stable demand trends.”

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone sales growth streak continues in China with nearly 1 in 5 smartphone users in China using real Apple iPhones instead of slower, uglier, insecure, privacy-trampling knockoffs of Apple’s world-changing innovation!


  1. Perceptions can flip on a dime with consumers in general and maybe Chinese consumers are realizing Apple shouldn’t be punished for what their government and ours is doing plus seeing the writing on the wall with nice improvements with the upcoming iOS 13. Just a guess.

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