Apple partners with Best Buy for expanded repair service

Apple today announced the completion of a major expansion of its Apple authorized service network. With nearly 1,000 Best Buy stores across the US now providing expert service and repairs for Apple products, customers have even easier and more convenient access to safe and reliable repairs.

Best Buy stores across the US now provide expert service and repairs for Apple products.
Best Buy stores across the US now provide expert service and repairs for Apple products.

“At Apple, we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service in the world,” said Tara Bunch, Apple’s vice president of AppleCare. “If a customer ever needs to repair their products, we want them to feel confident those repairs are done safely and correctly. We’re always looking at how we can reliably expand our network of trained technicians and we’re excited to partner with every Best Buy store so it’s even easier for our customers to find an authorized repair location near them.”

By expanding to every Best Buy store across the US, customers in cities including Yuma, Arizona; Sioux City, Iowa; Twin Falls, Idaho; Casper, Wyoming and Bismarck, North Dakota will have more convenient access to Apple repairs. Plus, Best Buy’s Geek Squad has nearly 7,600 newly Apple-certified technicians ready to make same-day iPhone repairs or to service other Apple products.

“We love being there for our customers no matter what their Apple need is, from helping them choose the right device, to offering AppleCare protection and now helping fix their devices,” said Best Buy’s Trish Walker, president of Services. “We’ve always enjoyed a great partnership with Apple and we’re thrilled that, together, we can better serve our customers.”

Apple-certified repairs at an Apple store or an authorized service provider are performed by trained experts who use genuine Apple parts. Every repair is backed by Apple.
In addition to Apple retail stores, there are over 1,800 third-party Apple authorized service providers in the US, all of which are using parts certified for safety, quality and reliability. This is three times as many locations as three years ago, meaning eight out of ten Apple customers will be within 20 minutes of an authorized service provider.
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Source: Apple, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Important: Every repair is backed by Apple. Hooray for more convenience for Apple customers!


      1. For me, the closest Apple Store is 30 miles away, at best an hour drive. The closest Best Buy is 16 miles, 22 minutes from my home, and I drive buy it every day going to and from work. This is amazingly better.

  1. “7,600 newly Apple-certified technicians”

    this sounds good to only a bean counter. to someone having trouble with their Mac, this is a VERY scary thought. 🙂

    1. You have to start somewhere, not everyone is an expert even after extensive training until they’ve done it for a while. Most repairs are not done to a component level, they are replacing specific components in most cases to initiate repairs.

      Plus, Apple is not going to leave your Mac, iPad, or iPhone dead, they’re are warranties on repairs. While it’s a hassle, sure, everyone expects their fix to be permanent, but sometimes it’s not, and you have to deal with it. However, I am sure more often than not, a device comes in to Apple for repair and is returned fixed, without any issues, until the next time you break it.

  2. One authorized repair center charges $40 form a repair that would be done for free at an Apple Store. I wonder what BB will charge, if anything.

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