How to keep Apple AirPods from falling out of your ears

Jason Hiner reports for CNET:

There’s plenty to like about Apple AirPods: No wires to get tangled, automatic pairing with Apple devices, good battery life and solid audio performance. But there are two things not to like. There’s the premium price tag and the fact that they can fall out of your ears so easily. While there’s not much we can do about the price, there is a low-cost solution to help keep the AirPods ($159 at Amazon) snug in your ears…

For the past couple months I’ve been using a set of silicone earbud tips that slip over the AirPods. They have worked like a charm in keeping the AirPods from falling out. In fact, they now stay in my ears better than most of the wired earbuds I use.

The silicone tips I got were the the AhaStyle AirPods Ear Hooks. They cost less than $15 on Amazon and they come in two sizes, large and small.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple AirPods work great for us. It depends on the size and shape of your your ear canals we guess. Apple designed them to fit the majority of people based on comprehensive testing. For people outside that range, the AhaStyle AirPods Ear Hooks and others like them sound like good solutions.


  1. Problem with that silicone is that you can’t charge your AirPods in its charging case. It won’t fit. you have to keep removing it if you want your AirPods charged. After a while, you just end up asking yourself, why bother.

  2. I use my earpods doing yardwork. Sound isolation has been my main complaint with the AirPod design but I think these recommended earbud attachments may be just the thing I need. Will grab a set and see how they work out. Thanks for the share.

  3. You heard it here first:

    Apple’s new Fashion division will sell 1970’s style sweat bands called AirHeads to help hold in your earbuds. They will have a radical innovation that only Apple could think of, called a Band Pocket, in which you can carry the Airpod Case Edition2, which is of course incompatible with any Airpod older than 1 year.

    AirHeads will come in bright rainbow colors. Feathers and crystals will also be available. Cue will spend millions getting his basketball buddies to wear them and blab about them on social rumor networks. You too can identify yourself as an Apple addict for only $149 per AirHead. Product RED for only $179.

    Be sure to read the fine print however. The radically amazing AirHead sweat bands can only be washed with Apple AirGoop phosphate free detergent, available only via subscription. Also, you cannot make any alterations. Embroider MAGA andut will violate the terms of agreement and Apple’s embedded T2 chip will activate the self destruct mode.

  4. I’ve been unable to use Apple’s earphones because they fall out very easily. I haven’t even tried the wireless versions. I suppose I could attempt to try the new Beats earpods, but the price is absurd and I have a real problem with that brand, sorry. Apple used to make an in-ear version. How come they dropped those?

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