Apple’s next-gen iPhone could kill Lightning port in favor of USB-C

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet:

As developers — and the curious — trawl through the iOS 13 beta, it seems that some quite interesting secrets are tumbling out. One tidbit is the hint that Apple could be getting ready to drop the Lightning port and switch over to the USB-C standard with the iPhone 11… There are also plenty of rumors circulating that Apple is planning a complete switch over to USB-C. There’s also regulatory pressure from the EU on Apple to dump the proprietary connector and make the switch to USB-C…

Apple has already kitted out the new iPad Pro with USB-C, allowing it to have broader functionality. Making the switch to the standard on the iPhone would also make sense because it would bring with it a whole raft of new features… It’s unlikely that Apple choosing to kit out the iPad Pro with a USB-C port was a one-off.

MacDailyNews Take: Sure we’d love one connector to rule them all on our MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones, but first we all need to brace for the calamitous outcry over “greedy” Apple changing connectors in order to force iPhone users to buy new cables. Remember the last time when Apple dumped the 30-pin connector for Lightning? Hopefully, as USB-C is much more plentiful than Lightning was when Apple made than switch, the Sturm und Drang will be greatly subdued.


  1. Unlike last time when Apple switched from one proprietary connector to another, this time it will be to an established industry standard that most other high end smartphones have already adopted. So personally I don’t think there will be such an outcry other than from hack reporters and analysts.

  2. Apple PLEASE do this ASAP. My MacBook Pro, iPad Pro both use the USB-C. Makes so much sense lets do it NOW just put one Lightening to USB-C adapter in the box for the first year and it will all be good.

    1. Can’t understand why it hadn’t already happened would free up the phone to work with so many other devices including Mac. Considering how the iPad will be working a lot closer to the Mac this year it certainly seems certain and logical that the phone will join in the fun come Setember/October too.

      1. You know very well why Apple has dragged their feet. GREED. Apple’s profits from forcing users into proprietary connections is just as scummy as Qualcom’s usury rates. Apples stupid white plastic adapters are a scourge. But somehow Apple has an army of paid bloggers shouting down anyone who questions Apple’s repeated anti-user behavior and absurd pricing. Any USB costs a fraction what the otherwise identical Lightning product from the same 3rd party maker costs. Now you know what billions of “Other” income comes from on Apple’s poor investor statements.

        1. “dragged their feet – GREED – forcing – usury – stupid – scourge – paid bloggers – anti-user – absurd pricing”

          You forgot “arrogance” and “Hitler”.

          Why would someone with such opinions and full of such bitterness hang out on an Apple site?
          – Either insanity
          – Or a troll

          Why not go buy products you prefer and have a nice life? Seriously… why not? I’d love to know.

      2. Apple were looking to go USB-C a long time ago but it just wasn’t ready and they desperately needed to replace the old 30-pin connector to enable them to create the sort of products they wanted so they ended up developing the Lightning connector.
        Since then I would guess Apple has just been trying to work out the best time to make the switch.

  3. I don’t consider the USB-C to be the Holy Grail. It replaced MagSafe on the MacBook range which frustrated me no end – MagSafe is a far better design than USB-C and I consider the change as a backward step. Moving it to the iPhone means that I’ll eventually need to buy another charging stand.

  4. An iPhone could easily have a Lightning port on one side, and USB-C on the other. Products are supposed to be USEFUL, and that would stop a lot of headaches about lack of compatibility. Also, will there be a USB-C headphone jack? I new the moment that Apple eliminated the headphone jack that the goal was to make any analog output impossible.

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