Apple confirms removal of Mac’s Dashboard

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Apple has removed Dashboard support from WebKit, not long after it was discovered that the feature has been completely dropped in macOS Catalina, according to a changelog spotted by Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

While this news is not entirely surprising, it eliminates any slim hope that Dashboard might have returned in a future beta of macOS Catalina…

Dashboard, first introduced in OS X Tiger in 2005… Dashboard appears to remain functional in macOS Mojave for now, although it is clearly a legacy feature and some widgets do not work.

MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, Dashboard. We hardly used ya anyway.


  1. I have three Dashboard widgets I use on and off but I do have replacements for them. The only one I don’t have a replacement for yet is Sticky Notes. I like Dashboard widgets and Mojave, but I’m jumping on Catalina a week or two after it’s released. I always like to read plenty of first-hand reviews before I make an OS change. I keep an updated clone of my current OS but I can easily afford to wait a couple of weeks. I used to wait months, but no more. I also want to try Catalyst and see how well it runs iPad apps which should be better than Dashboard widgets.

  2. Mac used to have Desktop Accessories that were accessible from the Apple Menu. Dashboard really great replacement. I use Dashboard constantly: I use it for quick units conversion, currency conversion, glance at the weather and time of day in several of my favorite cities at once, a simple calculator, and a stock quote watch list. I will miss Dashboard a lot. I’m not sure what I will use in its place.

    1. Other apps, dude. You have multiple desktops, set up apps on one of those to replicate the same setup

      Your lack of imagination is highly disturbing, if you continue to be so mentally lacklustre, why not switch back to Windows where’ll you’ll clearly be more mentallly at ease?

      1. Wow. Just wow. I used my true legal name and described how much I like a unique MacOS feature yet I am greeted by someone hiding anonymously behind a false name who makes an ad hominem attack.

  3. Oh No! This is my most beloved feature and why not strengthen it instead of removing it? It is very handy and useful on top on the apps!! I use it every day! Come on apple! Don’t remove useful feature that distinguish itself from other OSes! I will stick with Mojave.

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