Dropbox overhauls its Mac app with several new features

Killian Bell for Cult of Mac:

Dropbox wants to be the only app you use on your Mac to access your most important files — wherever they are stored.

Its overhauled desktop client brings all your favorite cloud services together inside an all-new design with a bunch of awesome new features. It’s more than an app, Dropbox says, “it’s a completely new experience.”

You no longer need to log into different cloud services to access different files; Dropbox lets you connect to competing services from the likes of Google and Microsoft to bring it all together.

You can create, access, and share content in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides — as well as Office Online — inside Dropbox. And when you need to find something, you can search across all of your content no matter where it’s stored…

The new features have already rolled out on iOS, and you can try them out on Mac today.

MacDailyNews Take: Due to security concerns, we continue to eschew Dropbox.


  1. “Dropbox wants to be the only app you use on your Mac to access your most important files”
    Who in their right mind trusts their “most important files” to anyone else, regardless of where they are stored?

    I don’t even trust time machine (on it’s own). I use two different backup programs (time machine being one of them) just to be safe.

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