How Apple is making Maps much, much better

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

Apple put a whole lot of love into Maps at WWDC.

Top line features include much more detailed maps, improved road coverage and more detailed land cover and addresses.

To create this, Apple drove 4 million miles in Apple Cars and sent planes into the air to capture huge quantities of highly detailed information. The result? Not only does Apple have its own mapping data, but buildings, roads, and other structures look better and are more accurate.

Look Around is a fantastic feature that delivers smooth as silk transitions between different areas, unlike Google’s really rather clunky Street View. Not only does it work better, but it also lets you explore locations in privacy – which is a Very Good Thing.

Look Around lets you view a street view of the area, and also lets you tap into full-screen to view the area in 360-degree 3D.

MacDailyNews Take: Look Around is quintessentially Apple. It takes something that was done before somewhat clunky, Google’s Street View, and greatly improves upon it! Apple Maps made a horrible first impression, but Apple’s continued hard work is overcoming that unfortunate start and really bolstering Maps’ reputation. Apple Maps is now our go-to app for Maps and directions!


  1. I WANT to use Apple Maps, but frankly, it has led me to several dead ends, several. One time it told me my destination was down a dirt country road when it was in fact behind me on the main road. Another time it mistook the local train depot for an apartment complex and we almost missed the train. It has burned me enough times, that if I have to find anything that is not on a main Street, I reluctantly use Google maps.

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