Gassée: Apple’s Mac Pro finally removed the Mac jinx… almost

Jean-Louis Gassée for Monday Note:

The only hardware demonstrated at Apple’s Software Developers Conference was the long awaited and spectacular Mac Pro and its companion display. It far exceeded the expectations of a quick fix to replace the failed 2013 Pro, finally removing the Mac jinx… almost.

…Instead of a quick fix to quiet the just complaints of Mac devotees, we have a production workstation for actual professionals who use sound, music, video, and augmented reality applications.
Past sins forgiven, is the Mac Jinx finally lifted? Not quite.

The gods who render mad those they want to destroy have struck again. They’ve caused a marketing exec — we hope not the same one who bragged about innovation in 2013 — to price the new XDR monitor stand at a baffling $999. Listen to the guffaws in the audience at 1hr 40 mins into the keynote video. Why not $399 instead and increase the MacPro base price by a barely visible $600?

The $999 stand was widely mocked in the media, Apple was labeled as greedy and tone-deaf — the latter definitely deserved. Why mar what turned out to one of the best WWDC keynotes in memory with such a brain flatulence? Why attract so much ink to a mere display stand, to the detriment of more substantial announcements?

MacDailyNews Take: Real professionals spend more than that on handles for their cameras.

Apple may have been tone deaf towards non-professionals because they were announcing a machine and components designed for professionals who won’t bat an eye at a $999 monitor stand as they order them in multiple units.

(Most professionals, by the way, will be mounting their Apple Pro Display XDR units on arms with Apple’s $199 VESA mounts anyway).


  1. Real professionals spend more than that on handles for their cameras.

    If there was a market for monitor stands this expensive, there wouldn’t have been audible gasps from the audience. However, there’s not.

    The market either has not been convinced of, or has been convinced to reject, ultra premium monitor stands.

  2. Again, there is a place for a new SGI, and Sun Microsystems.
    But there’s a false equivalence brewing here. Pro does not necessarily mean niche. It’s broader than that.

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