Apple says new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are coming in September

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Apple at WWDC 2019 last week unveiled its long-awaited redesigned Mac Pro along with a new Pro Display XDR. At the time, Apple said both products will be available to order in the fall, without providing a more specific timeframe.

Apple has since updated its website following the end of WWDC, however, revealing that the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are “coming in September.”

This date is listed on Apple’s homepage in a lightbox that pops up after clicking on “notify me” under each product, although only in the United States.

MacDailyNews Take: Three short months and you, too, after a small expense, will be able to sequence the human genome before your morning coffee finishes brewing!


  1. Some doubted when I mentioned September as when the Mac Pro was coming but… I told yah so. (Though you may still not actually get one in hand until December due to pent-up demand,)

    1. This “coming in September” is better news than I had expected. “Fall” for Apple usually means “no later than 21 December”. At least something about the new Mac Pro being “available” in September is good.

      However… Still not enough detail known. “Coming in September” might mean the lowest variant is available for order and not ship until October or November. It might mean that the full breadth of all variants won’t be shipping until January 2020. Given Apple’s shipping of higher end systems over the last several years, there’s no way to know for sure without more details.

  2. I doubted. I didn’t think they’d see the light of day until January-is at best. Figures. If I was in the market for one, it would be “Early next year.”

  3. Slow boat from China? Caught in the tariff net?

    It only took then 6 years, and still Cookie couldn’t utter the words “Available Starting Today!”

    Let’s hope when the frozen pipeline finally gets flowing again, proper product updates, increased Mac accessories, AND PRICE ADJUSTMENTS will come annually at least.

    1. Dude, before you start up your flamethrower, check your facts.

      The existence of the Cascade Lake Xeon W 3200 chips were basically announced during the WWDC 2019 Keynote, they still haven’t had a formal launch, just an update on Intel’s page.

      They were a surprise to many people as are many of its features – including which socket it runs on, how many 3.0 lanes it supports, etc – and we don’t know in what kind of quantities they are shipping yet.

      The top chips are listed at 10 times the price of the base so Apple isn’t going to just start churning out machines without a better idea of yields, availability and demand

  4. When will we have sales figures for it? There is now a real possibility that the Mac Pro’s target buyers have given up on Apple and it is just too late. Apple will have to ignore low sales and keep updating this if they want to regain their trust.

    Also, no internal hard disks? Can’t connect a hard drive at full speed? What is that tiny SSD even for?

  5. I’m just going to buy the display stand. Don’t need the monitor or the new Mac Pro. I figure in about five years, they will be like an Edsel, worth more than they were originally since only 25 of them will ever get sold

      1. Sounds like he can stand the pressure – the pricing pressure. He understands that there may be a collector’s item aspect to the situation – sounds like he a stand-up kinda guy! I wonder what the standing offer will be in a decade or two for a never opened Mac Pro XDR Display stand? He’ll have to stand up and be counted at that point for his foresight. I wonder if his real name is Stan? If he makes a profit he’ll be able to grandstand about it.

  6. Ladies & Gentleman, I may have spoken too soon! Apple has craftily removed their “Coming In September” under “Notify Me” on the Apple site back to “Coming Soon.”

    Is anyone watching what’s going on in this Hen House? Sheesh.

  7. I’ll you something that is coming in September, AMD Ryzen 16 core CPU for the paltry sum of $750. X570 Motherboards with PCIe4 for less than the price of the Apple Monitor Stand.

    This will run rings around the Mac Pro 8,12 and 16 core variants…AMD just kick the doors in of Intel’s HEDT platform and dropped a deuce on the carpet.

    Wait ’til 48 core Threadripper arrives…for $2000 who’s still in for the Mac Pro?

    Cue the line of butt hurt, but but Xeon but but 7 PCI slots but bit 1.5TB RAM. Find me the one user who would ever need 1.5TB RAM and 7 PCI slots and I’ll happily say then the Mac Pro makes perfect sense, in all other cases you need a shrink if you’re still considering the Mac Pro.

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