Apple’s macOS Catalina fixes the most annoying thing about Dark Mode

Stan Schroeder for Mashable:

When Apple introduced a system-wide Dark Mode in macOS Mojave, I was happy, because I’m one of those people who are prepared to squint and hurt their eyes just to have a cool-looking desktop (kidding; it also saves battery life).

But Dark Mode in Mojave has a glaring omission — there was no option to automatically turn it on and off, depending on time of day. Help came in the form of third-party apps, but honestly, this should’ve been an option from the get go.

In Catalina, the next major version of macOS, Apple rectified this by adding an Auto Dark Mode option.

MacDailyNews Take: A welcome addition! It’s here: System Preferences > General > Auto. In Auto Dark Mode your Mac will automatically adjust, system-wide, from Light to Dark mode based on the time of day.

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