The new Mac Pro is Apple’s chance to make a PC: Apple’s professional users need upgrades

“‘Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,’ proclaimed Apple exec Phil Schiller when he introduced the redesigned Mac Pro back in 2013. It was meant to be ‘the future of the pro desktop,’ but it certainly wasn’t,” Tom Warren writes for The Verge. “Four years later, Apple was forced to admit that the Mac Pro was a mess after some of Apple’s most loyal customers claimed the company had lost touch with its pro users and truly lost its way.”

“If Apple is ready to unveil its new Mac Pro on Monday at WWDC, there can’t be any bravado about ‘courage’ or innovation,” Warren writes. “It should be a time to prove the company has listened to those who have felt underserved and rejected.”

Apple’s Mac Pro (aka The Misplaced Priorities Trophy) was released on December 19, 2013
Apple’s Mac Pro (aka The Misplaced Priorities Trophy) was released on December 19, 2013

“Apple doesn’t need to wow us with another innovative design. It needs to get back to the basics,” Warren writes. “Apple now has a chance to show it can make a truly impressive PC.”

MacDailyNews Take: PC is this case means “Professional Computer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A heartfelt apology is also in order, certainly, but over half a decade is far, far too long to have let the Mac Pro languish. No apology, however elaborate, will suffice. Forgiveness will have to be earned over a long time via demonstrated consistency on Apple’s part.

Here’s hoping Apple Mac Pro revolutionizes professional desktop computing! Long-suffering professional Mac users deserve nothing less.

(No pressure, Apple.)

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  1. “It was meant to be ‘the future of the pro desktop,’ but it certainly wasn’t,”. Apple was not thinking it was the future of the Pro Desktop” They merely thought it looked really cool.

    It doesn’t take a wizard of smart to determine that if you can’t alter the inside with upgrades that would extend the usable life of a desktop, its not professional.. And adding tons of stuff outside, just makes a mess of cords, power, and other potential issues

        1. Oh there will be plenty that will be quite happy with whatever it is because the only question they will have will be “Does it run FCPX faster?” 🙂

          Because, in the end that’s what really matters. If they can make your work go faster with modularity, then the solution is set. Some folks will never be happy with “doing work better”, they’ll always want slots even if it doesn’t functionally help them. They’re just more comfortable with things they understand better.

  2. From the little things we’ve heard, I’m afraid they are going to give us some boxes that will be hard to upgrade.

    I’ve been pinning my hopes on a third-the-size cheese grater with many slots for micro-blades (i.e., iPhone-size blade computers) that could be added as desired turning the smallish cheese grater into a mini-cluster, super computer that could be easily daisy-chained.

    I have a feeling this won’t be what we see.

    Also, I had been pinning hopes on my plan due to the lateness of the new machine. That is, I figured they were waiting on the A-14 or higher ARM chips that would surpass the Intel option. Again, the newer A-14 powered blades could be upgraded in a year or two with micro-blades containing newer A-15/16/17 chips.

    Again, I don’t think that’s what will be offered. Oh well, it will be fun to see what they offer, then bitch. lol

    1. Are you freaking kidding? Compare the 2013 GPUs in any Mac with what is available today. Throw in pricing considerations too if you like. No matter how you look at it, Apple’s sealed box meme is very bad for everyone.

  3. I’m curious as to why graphics pros don’t seem to talk about or acknowledge the power and expandability of eGPUs. Seems like a current MacBook Pro or current iMac/iMac Pro with a Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 650 with AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 would be monstrously powerful.


      1. I see your point and I love my i9 MacBook Pro but I have never enjoyed using docks or hooking up and disconnecting cables. I loved all of my old Mac towers whether cheese graters, mirrored drive doors of ugly beige g3s. Heck my Quadra tower was wonderful for the day. Before the tower my Mac IIfx was the absolute beast!

        Having that workhorse that I can get in front of and just power through without any plug ons is great. I might still add an eGPU for extra MIPS but once it is there I will only unhook it to upgrade the card; not because I want to use my computer in a mobile way.

        My current MacBook Pro is my 33 Macintosh. I have had many Apple laptops going back those beautiful PowerBook G3’s (Kanga, Lumbard then a Pismo). Some of them have been more powerful then the tower at my desk at the time, but I understand the need for internal expansion and that is what Pro Macs should be about.

        Just my thoughts, not a criticism. I do appreciate your perspective.

    1. “I’m curious as to why graphics pros don’t seem to talk about or acknowledge the power and expandability of eGPUs.”

      An honest inquiry deserves an honest response.

      First, because we are not fellow followers on LinkedIn, my graphics pro days started before MacDraw and a side note, also Apple owner since my beloved Lisa.

      To answer your question, the answer is I simply don’t know what you are talking about.

      That’s certainly on me and allow me to explain.

      As a graphics pro, my best analogy is I simply fly the Stealth Fighter to greater heights. That is ALL. Software pilot, not hardware guru.

      I rely on others with hardware expertise to advise firepower needs and suspect that is your line of work.

      Any recommendations certainly is appreciated…

  4. You people don’t get it. Apple is a consumer (consumer) electronics company and a fashion brand. For Apple to make the margins it needs to in the enterprise computing market, it would have to sell it’s Mac Pros at a 60% premium over comparable hardware. IT departments aren’t staffed by the lemmings that purchase Apple products as a fashion statement. These people buy cheap, reliable equipment they can turnover after 2-3 years of abuse by a workforce that needs to get things done (not stair at a fruit logo). This isn’t a market Apple wants to (or should) play in, they gave it up a long time ago. If you think they’re going to get back into it, you’re delusional.

    1. No, I get it.

      “For Apple to make the margins it needs to in the enterprise computing market, it would have to sell it’s Mac Pros at a 60% premium over comparable hardware.”

      Not sure of the exact margins, but a year ago when time came to replace our PRO computers, the IT Chief looked at Macs vs. PCs. Found out he could buy PRO PCs at half the cost and twice as powerful, open upgradable boxes minus the unnecessary wired peripherals. So if PC makers can do it, why not Apple?

      Answer: Arrogance and agree Apple as a “fashion brand” premium prices also infected the flagship Apple product that BUILT the company incorporated April 1, 1976, when Macs RULED, until being overtaken by the iPhone sales in the last 10 years.

      Great news because iPhones are simply amazing and the only computer millions need, same as the iPad.

      For those that continue to ignore Mac PRO reality, throw around condescending words like “niche” and “trucks” and “small” are haplessly clueless and ignorant of Apple history…


  5. Steve is still pissed. Dragging your ass is not Apple Legacy. Or is it?! Damn. Maybe Tim is going to be visited by the ghost of apple pro past.

  6. If Apple abandons personal computing, which means the end user has 100% control of data, software, network connectivity, and hardware, … then I abandon Apple. It’s very simple. The dumbing down of the Mac has gone on too long. Only a brilliant release monday will restore faith that Apple management has a clue.

  7. I believe that Ive was good when partnered with Jobs but not with Cook. I want Apple’s Board to replace Cook with a hard-assed Forstall or his equivalent; And Ive’s likely subsequent resignation — because the two clashed — would not be a loss because Ive’s design choices are suspect anyway and, besides, the beneficial aspects of Ive’s aesthetic could likely remain with Apple’s senior engineers because they are familiar with his MO.

    1. Darn Tootin’ Broadway Forstall could really show Apple a thing or two, just look at what he’s done with the tech company he founded after he left Apple!! Just like Steve, he struck out on his own to continue to drive innovation across the industry.

      Makes you wonder why Apple hasn’t poached him yet.

      1. “Makes you wonder why Apple hasn’t poached him yet.”

        False post, absolutely NO WRONG AGAIN.

        Forstall was forced to leave Apple under Clueless Cook and the Ive cabal feeling threatened and inadequate because Scott was highly touted in the media at the time to be the heir apparent to Jobs. Scott ruled over Ive during the Jobs years.

        After Jobs passing, and poly AP support gone, Scott made his moves to take on Cook and lead Apple and what happens everyday in corporations? The comfy status quo establishment revolted and won. Gee, what a surprise.

        Certainly, full disclosure this is pure speculation on my part with no inside information. That said, you don’t have to be a chicken to know when an egg is rotten…

        1. But, see, you only get to cry and whine about being forced out of Apple for so many years before SOME people (obviously not you) start asking questions like:

          “So, is Apple the ONLY company you can work for? You couldn’t find any other paying gigs in technology, why IS that? There are a LOT of startups, think tanks, and other structures out there that were MADE for someone with Jobs’ talents to join and make a big splash… but, Scott, you haven’t. Why is that?”

          NOTHING in what you posted above says anything about what he did AFTER he left Apple (six years out of Apple and technology completely). That’s because after leaving Apple, Scott Forstall concentrated on travel, advising charities, and providing informal advice to some small companies. Even Ahrendts got another job immediately after leaving… most folks that leave Apple, even team leads, end up with some other leadership gig in some other company. See, that’s what happens to people that have a talent for leading and who want to still… you know, work. There is nothing in what Scott’s done since he left that shows he as any ability whatsoever to lead anything. Even what he’s doing now, he’s CO-producer of a musical. He can’t even lead THAT by himself!?

          And, as I’ve said before, this reply isn’t for you, because you will continue to suck at that guys milk bottle until you shuffle off this mortal coil. This is for other people who come across this thread so that they go check out Scott’s wikipedia page for themselves and see that, no… Apple best move was obviously getting rid of Scott. It’s fortunate for everyone that we’ll never see what a Scott led Apple looks like 🙂

          1. “You couldn’t find any other paying gigs in technology, why IS that? There are a LOT of startups, think tanks, and other structures out there that were MADE for someone with Jobs’ talents to join and make a big splash… but, Scott, you haven’t. Why is that?”

            Wow. WRONG AGAIN you just hit a new low in credibility, sorry to say.

            He “couldn’t find” a tech job. So did Scott personally tell you he has been looking long and hard, disillusioned by the make believe world of Broadway, desperately wanting to move on quickly and having a major problem finding a tech job? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

            I pray for the day when you wake up and realize your unnecessary peripheral OPINIONS are not REALITY…

      2. “Darn Tootin’ Broadway Forstall could really show Apple a thing or two”

        Not only that, Forstall would restore Apple greatness upgrading the needs of Apple PROS and everyone else thrown under the bus by Clueless Beancounter Cook.

        Good to read you pointed out the professional experience of Forstall on Broadway.

        Imagine the deals and partnerships his inside track would bring to Apple from ALL the entertainment media.

        Scott would not play around wasting words and pipeline dreams we have now, instead, he would magnificently git er’ done!…

        1. Show me Scott returning ONE other company to even simple “goodness” and you MIGHT be believed. His only official connection is as an Advisor to Snap.. not a paid gig. How’s Snap doing? They’ve lost about 20 billion since their IPO. Way to go Scott? 🙂

          “Imagine the deals”
          Dude, he is CO-producer of ONE musical. That doesn’t get you in a position to do any deals or partnerships with anyone in the theatrical industry MUCH LESS all the entertainment media industry??? LOL See, even if he was excelling, if he was showing Broadway NEW innovative ways to put tech to use, if he was scribing patent after patent, if the theatrical community was leaning on his every word for guidance… then, yeah THAT shows someone with the fire in the spirit and the drive to make a dent the world.

          “Scott would not play around”
          That’s like, LITERALLY what he’s been doing for the past 6 years. Give it up, he doesn’t WANT to be in tech anymore. He isn’t and, now it’s clear, never was Steve Jobs-like. He’s had an opportunity to start his own NeXT, he had the money, some folks felt he had the ability. Well, he only had the money. Apparently.

          1. And even with this I wonder… was it Scott or was he just over a group of genius level individuals? Because… if it was him… wouldn’t he have been able to do it again for some OTHER company? I mean, realistically, if you were indeed personally responsible for the OS that 90% of the profits in the smartphone industry are made on, would you call it a day after that?

  8. External graphics cards are ok if that’s all that’s available…but they’re limited due to Thunderbolt bandwidth. Will never be as good as an internal card–at least not with the current interface options.

    1. Running everything through an easily yanked TB cable is not okay. If Apple is so stupid as to force external boxes for all expansions, I would rather have 8 secure DVI cables than any one newfangled snap-in mini connector.

  9. MDN thinks PC stands for Professional Computer?

    Ah, no.

    Professional computers for years were mainframes and thin clients. Stupid, slow, and totally controlled by some bureaucrat administrator. Nothing could be done without the umbilical attached. Just like iOS, incidentally.

    The Personal Computer revolution, which Apple was once proud to be a part of, gave control to users. Sadly, now Cook wants to be Big Brother, keeping your iOS gadget hooked up to the rental cloud services at all times. Don’t manage your own data, minions! Rent server space from somewhere else, with no guarantee of access or security. What a miserable future!

    Apple needs to pull their head out of their arses and realize that many professionals actually want and NEED personal control of their computing projects. They cannot be limited to 1TB of local storage in a sealed box with proprietary connectors. Nor do they have the time or patience to cobble together breakout boxes for everything that used to be included inside the Mac. News flash to Timmy: It takes more than wireless internet access to run a business. Local data storage, massive I/O options, lots of big displays, and unparalleled processing power per dollar are vitally important too. Downtime costs money, so repairability is also key. Busted cables or obsolete connections or incompatibilities are also costly and useless. Clients expect a professional to be able to read and write anything, preferably industry standards, and will not be willing to accept some locked down Apple-only iOS app output.

    Apple has had 6 years to get a clue. We will know in a matter of days if pitchforks and torches at the multibillion dollar donut building are warranted. I fear that without having heard any plausible leaks from the Timmy pipeline seive, a full on Mac Pro revolt may be needed. There is no indication whatsoever that Apple has anything exciting to announce. Timmy is busy working on credit cards instead.

    1. I doubt there will be many pitchforks. 🙂 Most everyone that has a need for what Apple isn’t offering moved on long ago. AND I have no doubt that, after Monday, there will still be those that will
      1) Complain about what Apple has offered and
      2) Wait patiently for them to GET IT RIGHT next time, or they’re going to jump ship
      For real this time
      They MEAN it
      No foolin’!

  10. Instead of the “bickering” prior to the show, why not wait until the pro is announced? Then applaud, complain, suggest to your hearts content with knowledge.

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