Mobility, Macs and remote working will drive future employment

“Seven out of every ten students in higher education use or would like to use a Mac, though around 50 percent of PC users say they don’t use Macs because of the cost,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

MacDailyNews Take: if they understood Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), they’d know that they’re wasting their money on crappy Windows PCs. Macs cost less because they last longer and require less maintenance/service.

“That’s not to say [all] students think they are too expensive – the survey claims 43% of students using a PC think Macs are better value,” Evans writes. “This higher among Mac using students, 80% of whom think Macs are better value. That’s significant as it shows not only that a big chunk of PC users already recognize the Mac as a better platform, but that once people make that leap they become convinced of this.”

Apple's new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models
Apple’s 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models

“All the same, the trend toward mobility and the Mac continues to transform workplace expectation and habit. A Condeco report claims that 43% of U.S. companies now offer remote working while 49% allow employees to set their own working hours,” Evans writes. “This is a growing trend: 43% of US businesses say they will allow more remote working in the next year while only 9% have indicated that they will offer less.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Clearly, Apple’s MacBook family is extremely important for mobility and working remotely.

Hopefully, the fourth time’s the charm with the butterfly keyboard – time will tell – as the Apple’s MacBooks are still highly rated and will be able to weather the “early butterfly era” if the issue is really corrected now.

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  1. I work from home. It’s great. After a while though, you can’t tell the difference. It’s just 24 hours per day work, when you aren’t sleeping.

    Macs certainly do last a long time. I just updated an iMac 13,2 (LATE 2012) basically 7 years old to 32GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. It runs MacOS Mojave and Windows 10 under Parallels for the user REALLY fast. It will likely hit 8 years old in service. Cost to do the upgrade was a fraction of the cost of the cheapest brand new iMac.

    Thing is, I do this to PCs as well.

    I think a Mac is a better computer for your average consumer. The Mac is no longer king of the Pro market, nor does it have any following under the enthusiast market, it does not really exist in the gaming market, and business/enterprise use is sparse.

    Apple is the iOS company.

    If you’ve spent any time watching the Computex news out of Taipei, you know that Apple is a no show in the PC innovation festival, while everyone from Asus to Nvidia has been showing off stunning new products.

    It’s a great show for anyone who uses computers professionally. Meanwhile the sense that the MacBook Pro is a computer for a lifestyle is growing as performance wise it is being crushed. Even the newest version.

    Innovation and Performance. When you think of innovation and performance in computers… Apple does not come to mind.

    Take a look at this…

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