Huawei CEO and founder admits he buys iPhones for his family

“Huawei CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei has made the unlikely admission that he is a big fan of one of the Chinese smartphone maker’s biggest rivals,” Anthony Cuthbertson reports for The Independent.

“Speaking to state media, Mr Zhengfei revealed he bought Apple iPhones for his family when he left China,” Cuthbertson reports. “‘iPhone has a good ecosystem and when my family are abroad, I still buy them iPhones, so one can’t narrowly think love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones,’ he said, according to the South China Morning Post.”

“The tech boss was responding to calls in China to boycott the US firm to counteract the US government’s recently announced Huawei ban,” Cuthbertson reports. “Despite the potential profit to be made in his own country from an Apple boycott, the Huawei boss is against punishing Apple for US government policy. Beyond his own fondness for Apple products, other Huawei employees have also been caught using iPhones. Earlier this year, a tweet from the official Huawei account was marked ‘via Twitter for iPhone.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smirk. Everybody — even the CEO and founder of an iPhone knockoff peddler — seems to get it, except your average Android settler.

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    1. Ahh, very good family man.

      At the same time, he needs to help this poor soul to understand his logic when he says, “so one can’t narrowly think love for Huawei should mean loving Huawei phones.”


  1. This is just a silly story. Lots of Apple’s employees and production facilities use competitive products.

    Anyone remember this? Tim Cook visits Mac Pro facility in Austin, and tweets out photo showing him and a row of iMac’s used in production running Windows:

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