Can Apple Arcade level up gaming on Macs and Apple TV?

“Video games have long been literally the center of attention in the App Store, so Apple’s prospects for finding Arcade subscribers among its installed base of over 1 billion iOS devices is pretty straightforward,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. But can Apple Arcade spread the wealth of iOS’ developer attention to its other platforms, meaningfully driving new interest in gaming on Macs and Apple TV?””

“On the gaming titles side, Apple Arcade is not only investing hundreds of millions of dollars to focus attention on gaming on iOS—it also links its other platforms together, giving users a strong reason to stay within its ecosystem by allowing them to resume gameplay of Apple Arcade titles between their different devices,” Dilger writes. “It’s not clear if every title in Apple Arcade will be playable on all three platforms, but given that cross-platform play is cited as a major feature of the new service, it looks like Mac and Apple TV support may be a requirement for Arcade developers, if not merely a strongly recommended suggestion.”

Nimbus SteelSeries Controller
Nimbus SteelSeries Controller

Dilger writes, “If that’s the case, Mac users will suddenly have a huge portfolio of games to play on their larger screen, as well as further incentive to use Apple TV to get the most from their Arcade subscription.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re looking forward to using our SteelSeries Nimbus Bluetooth controllers much more often!

Apple Arcade only requires one hit that’s exclusive for a long enough period that it makes gamers without an Apple device strongly consider that factor when choosing their next personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or set-top box. Then, of course, once they get one Apple device, the light finally comes on and we all know what happens next! 🙂 — MacDailyNews, April 15, 2019

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  1. Yes it can for “Macs and Apple TV”. It certainly can’t hurt. There are families to whom this service might appeal.

    For those of us who don’t like subscription services in general, who have teenagers, or who have grown up playing Atari, Nintendo, PC Games, xBox and or PlayStation, the service currently is little more than a joke. Long time Apple users also know you don’t use a Mac for gaming. You buy a dedicated gaming PC.

    Bottom line is the service in its current state could be profitable if their are enough causal gamers or folks who think Apple can do no wrong and just have to support Apple no matter what crap they release.

  2. It definitely will, they have some great developers signed up.
    What would make it even better is if they created an official Apple universal gaming pad (maybe called GamePad?) that connected to Macs, iOS and AppleTV.
    To me this is the missing piece of the puzzle. While Nimbus is fine, Apple really needs to have their own controller. My fear is they are paralysed trying to create some new innovative controller instead of just creating a high quality PS or Xbox like controller.

    1. “Apple really needs to have their own controller.”
      No, they just need to publish the specifications by which companies that make controllers can make ones that work with all devices, Apple doesn’t have to make EVERYTHING.

      1. Okay, Apple doesn’t “need” their own controller but it would certainly complement both their products and new gaming service.
        I’m certainly not saying Apple should create EVERYTHING, I’ve always liked their focus and restraint when it comes to choosing which products to make.
        This is only my personal suggestion and wish because they seemed to have built all of the other elements for a gaming platform apart from the primary piece of hardware that players use to interact with the games.
        I’m slightly confused why you just say “No” to this, this is not a controversial idea, most other gaming platforms have first party controllers.

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