Apple: $300 is my new 12-month price target

“After reading the Q2 earnings transcript, I am going to make another bold projection that AAPL takes out their previous highs of $233.47 per share and surpasses the $300 mark by this time next year,” Steven Fiorillo writes for Seeking Alpha. “AAPL is no longer just a phone company who makes other products. Their business is rounding out, and Services is going to be a treasure trove of untapped potential… I believe this is just the beginning for Services as the Apple ecosystem grows and entertainment content continues its shift to service-based platforms.”

“Apple’s two newest business segments are growing at phenomenal rates. The Wearables, Home and Accessories segment increased its revenue by almost $1.2 billion YOY for an increase of 30.05%, while Services grew by $1.6 billion or 16.24%,” Fiorillo writes. “I am very bullish on both business units as I believe they will continue to grow and help make up for the decrease in iPhone sales.”

“Services has the potential to become Apple’s largest business segment providing the company with piles of reoccurring revenue,” Fiorillo writes. “Subscriptions increased to 390 million paid, which was an increase of 30 million this quarter… How many people do you know who have a smartphone without 4G LTE? I can’t name a single person I know who is still on 3G. The introduction of 5G products will start a cycle of replacing older devices. I believe that this positively impacts iPhone sales as many people such as myself are waiting to upgrade until 5G products hit the market. This powerful combination could reverse the recent trends in revenue from the iPhone business segment.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beyond the phenomenal growth in Service, a true super cycle – the 5G iPhone Super Cycle – looms ahead of Apple Glasses while other new and updated products are on the way! The future is exceedingly bright for Apple Inc.!


  1. I see some arm-chair ‘analysts’ are starting to pull large numbers out of a hat. Although I wish such targets were possible for Apple, that number seems just a bit too much for a company that normally has a P/E of around 16 or 17 and doing share buybacks. We’re not talking FANG stocks or Microsoft here. I would be quite grateful to see Apple repeat $233 again but that may be asking for too much.

    This is Apple with a constantly talked-about failing iPhone business. /s

    1. You really should sell now M7, if you hold that view. You sound like a guy who relies on CNBC and Tony Saccanaghi, the Bernstein Apple bear (but bullish on Tesla) who can’t see past the charts for the past three years, predicts iPhone will decline at 5% annually forever, and simply cannot imagine how Apple could ever make that up with combination of Macs, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Services. Back when AAPL fell like a knife a few months ago and was at $162, he told people not to buy it. It’s now at about 212. I just don’t think you can value Apple properly without having a clue about Apple’s long term technical planning: the gradual merging of iOS and MacOS via “Marzipan”, the healthcare multiples that will eventually apply to Apple Watch as it adds blood pressure sensors and glucose sensors, the fact that the astonishingly good iPad Pro is currently hobbled by Apple’s need last year to table most tablet OS Enhancements to concentrate on making older phones faster for longer (and thereby cement the loyalty of the installed base). WWDC is likely to reveal the next steps along this path. The Apple bears won’t bother to watch though. They prefer their charts for the past five years.

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