2019 iMac vs Late 2014 iMac: Blu-ray ripping speeds

“In Part 1 of my 2014 vs 2019 iMac comparison articles, I provided an overview and a number of comparison benchmark results,” Rob Griffiths writes for The Robservatory. “In Part 2, I looked at changes in gaming performance between the two machines.”

“But there was one more thing I wanted to do: Compare Blu-ray ripping speeds,” Griffiths writes. “I do have a few new movies to rip, as I’m trying to finish our collection of all the films in the first three phases (now called the Infinity Saga) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That meant buying the films I’d liked the least — The Incredible Hulk and the first two Thor movies. With that came the chance to compare the Blu-ray ripping speed of the two iMacs.”

“It gained nearly a minute just copying the file to the solid state drive — I wasn’t expecting much of an improvement, as I figured the limiting factor was the speed of the Blu-ray drive,” Griffiths writes. “The real time saver is in the video transcoding: The new iMac was over twice as fast as the old one.”

iMac now delivers up to two times faster performance for a wide range of computing tasks.
iMac now delivers up to two times faster performance for a wide range of computing tasks

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MacDailyNews Take: Five years obviously makes a big difference!


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  1. Apple screwed up by not fully supporting BluRay.

    To this day, your best value in 4K video remains optical disc rental. Especially if you don’t have business class broadband, like most rural residents.

    1. Blu Ray accounts for like less then 1 percent of Media Sales, DVD is still higher, and even that is tiny compared to online streaming.

      Plastic Landfill media is dead. Welcome to the 21st century you troglodyte.

    1. Moore’s Law is dead, look at Intel over the past decade for proof. Wake up Slamm, you’re embarrassing yourself. I’d almost suggest you are AppleCynic or Shyttezen X with yet another fake username

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