Apple Arcade could have a big league pay off

“Apple unveiled four new services last month, one of which was Apple Arcade, which had been previously rumored,” Evan Niu reports The Motley Fool. “The service will be a sort of ‘Netflix for mobile games,’ where users will pay a monthly subscription fee and get access to a large catalog of games, many of which will be exclusive to the service.”

“Much how the dominant video streamer is able to leverage its growing stable of original video content to keep subscribers hooked, Apple hopes to build up a large base of gamers paying a monthly subscription fee as part of its ongoing push to grow its services segment,” Niu reports. “The Financial Times recently reported that Apple has allocated $500 million to invest in Apple Arcade, helping to fund the development of high-quality mobile games. ”

“The company will give ‘several million dollars’ to each game that is selected to be included in the catalog, according to the report. There will be over 100 new and exclusive games included, with exclusive titles earning other incentives from Apple,” Niu reports. “The service will likely end up costing $10 to $15 per month, which is what most content services cost. In fact, Apple Arcade could have even more potential than more glamorous services like Apple TV+ or Apple News+… [HSBC] estimates that Apple Arcade revenue will reach $370 million in 2020 and jump to $4.5 billion by 2024 (assuming around 29 million subscribers paying roughly $13 per month).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Arcade will be another hit service for Apple!

Apple Arcade only requires one hit that’s exclusive for a long enough period that it makes gamers without an Apple device strongly consider that factor when choosing their next personal computer, smartphone, tablet, or set-top box. Then, of course, once they get one Apple device, the light finally comes on and we all know what happens next! 🙂 — MacDailyNews, April 15, 2019

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  1. God I hate this whole “services” concept!

    Companies are so infatuated with ways to collect money that doing stuff for the consumer becomes an afterthought. We already have games and programs. The new “innovation” is that you pay forever or you loose them!

    Meanwhile their “updates” keep breaking stuff I already paid for. Programs stop working, hardware gets locked down or eliminated. Apple used to empower the consumer. Now I’d starting to dread every new announcement they make.

  2. “Companies are so infatuated with ways to collect money that doing stuff for the consumer becomes an afterthought.”

    I agree that Apple’s hardware designers should be torched for the Keyboard, but this services stuff is in response to shortcomings of the App Store, don’t forget. Selling games that are high quality on the App Store is pretty tough, when the typical game costs about $2.99 – Also, they’re not forcing you to use these services, so I don’t see how you’re hurt by them. Apple is competing against other companies for your dollars – what’s wrong with that? Best of all, they can enter every fiscal quarter with the growing Apple Userbase (est. 1billion) and these services that build on top of that, as opposed to reporting dropping iPhone sales, which they inevitably will do as the product matures.

    1. They ARE forcing me to use their services. I use Flash CS4 for drawing. Apple is breaking all 32 bit software for no good reason. But I can’t just upgrade to the latest Flash, Adobe won’t sell it – I have to subscribe to it! The price is ridiculous and it offers nothing I’m interested in, except working on Mojave. And since I’m stuck on Sierra, some of my e-mail services have stopped working because they are no longer compatible.

  3. Honestly, I could care less about Apple’s Hollywood ambitions, but this one intrigues me. I hope they get it right, they’ve been ignoring this for too long, since the earliest days of AirPlay.

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