“Finally stopped using Internet Explorer?” Matt Binder reports for Mashable. “Good! But, now it’s time to completely delete it from your computer, too.”

“Security researcher John Page has discovered a new security flaw that allows hackers to steal Windows users’ data thanks to Internet Explorer,” Binder reports. “The craziest part: Windows users don’t ever even have to open the now-obsolete web browser for malicious actors to use the exploit. It just needs to exist on their computer.”

“To initiate the exploit, a user simply needs to open an attachment received by email, messenger, or other file transfer service,” Binder reports. “Most worrisome, according to Page, is that Microsoft told him that it would just ‘consider’ a fix in a future update. The security researcher says he contacted Microsoft in March before now going public with the issue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Internet Exploder, indeed.

If you’re still subjecting yourself to a Windows PC in 2019, you’re The Masochist of Masochists.

Smart, you’re not. Or you’re stuck working at some company where the IT department, if they haven’t learned by now, are morbidly incompetent.

Either way, congrats. You’re just hurtling toward the blissful finality of detonation.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “TJ” for the heads up.]