In praise of Apple Photos

“In my never-ending quest to simplify my photographic workflow (and also my life workflow) — I’ve discovered that Apple Photos is actually a very strong alternative to Adobe Lightroom (or perhaps– even superior?)” Eric Kim writes for Eric Kim Photography. “”

“My theory: A lot of people look down on Apple photos because it isn’t ‘pro’ enough,” Kim writes. “Truth be told, it seems that Apple Photos does at least 85% of what Adobe Lightroom can do, but it simplifies your photographic workflow process, while allowing you to view, post-process, and export your photos faster and simpler!”

“I honestly think that Apple Photos is one of the most underrated tools for Apple/Mac/iPhone/iPad,” Kim writes. “This piece of software alone is worth the investment in any Apple device — and it’s free!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here, here, praise for Apple’ soft-maligned, yet actually rather unbelievable (especially for the price) Photos!


  1. I looked at this guys photos and they are pretty bad. Nothing that you’d consider professional. Photos is a very limited compared to lightroom. Not for a serious photographer or enthusiasts.

    1. Mr Dave is a so-called serious photographer, so we must believe his malignant of Photos, big ref flag when “photographers” use “serious” as a label.

    2. The key feature of the photos App is “Extensions” (plugins). For example, you can connect Affinity Photo to the Photos App with a plugin. While pros will gravitate to Lightroom, the Extensions feature adds functionality to Apple Photos for the typical user.

      1. That’s nice, but the facts of the matter are that Apple drove Aperture & iPhoto off a cliff with Photos not even being close to mature.

        Here we are FOUR years after its launch and the spin is “well, golly, its good enough”. For a company whose motto was to “Delight” its customers, Apple has fallen and can’t get up.

  2. I really like Apple Photos. I use it every week along a stack of extensions – (Affinity Photo, Skylum’s Luminar & Aurora, DXO clear).

    I wish it had three features:

    Clone Tool
    Content Aware object removal
    Print function where you arrange and scale photos on a page.

  3. Just a hobby but I still use Aperature by using am older OS as an alternative start up. Not looking forward to the day I have to migrate to a contemporary program. Apple please bring back Aperature.

  4. I simply forget that i have it.. I never took iPhoto seriously so why now with “Photos?” Been using Photoshop since version 3 so it’s just automatic that I click on the Ps Icon. Plus super Photoshop Plug-Ins such as “Imagenomic Portraiture, De-Noise, Real-Grain,” plus “Alien Skin Eye Candy”… can’t use these only in Lightroom & Photoshop. Portraiture is a Necessity for Pros. I can trust Photoshop to work for me as it has for over 20 years!

  5. I too still use Aperture, a program that essentially ended development half a dozen years ago. Why? Because first, I simply prefer it to the alternatives that, with the exception of Adobe Lightroom, to this day cannot approximate the full set of features that Apple debuted all those years ago. I’m of the opinion that only one additional major feature will make Apple Photos suitable for 90% of photographers 90% of the time—metadata management. That alone will make Photos a perfectly decent “pro” app, for someone who is willing to ignore the GAS sufferers.

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