Apple drops $99 data migration fee for new Macs and repairs

“Apple has dropped the $99 fee that it previously charged for migrating data from an old Mac to a newly purchased machine,” Adam Engst writes for TidBITS.

TidBITS reader and TekBasics consultant David Price wrote to tell us that he has generally advised clients to pay Apple to migrate data to newly purchased Macs, but when he accompanied his brother-in-law to pick up a freshly migrated iMac last week, Apple informed him that there was no charge for the service,” Engst writes. “I contacted an Apple Store Operations Specialist, who confirmed the policy change.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is a good move by Apple.

Of course, data migration is also pretty easy to do yourself. Apple’s simple instructions for setting up a new Mac and migrating data are here.


  1. Yes, pretty simple, but make sure you have the right cables. 2009 iMac to 2011 iMac with an Ethernet cable took approximately 1 hour. 2009 MacBook to 2016 MacBook took 8 hours over WiFi, because I didn’t have anything for the 2016 usb C port…

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