Over 200,000 users subscribed to Apple News+ in its first 48 hours

Apple’s March 25th “It’s Show Time” “marketing event seems to have accomplished its goal,” Edmund Lee reports for The New York Times. “More than 200,000 people subscribed to Apple News Plus in its first 48 hours — more than Texture had amassed at its peak, according to two people with knowledge of the figures who asked not to be named to discuss confidential information.”

“The economics of Apple’s venture will vary from title to title. After the company takes half the subscription price, its partners will split the rest. How much each media company receives is based on the amount of time readers devote to its content,” Lee reports. “That model mimics Spotify and Apple Music, which pay record labels based on how often their tracks are streamed.”

“The visibility of individual articles will depend on Apple’s algorithm, which takes into account a user’s preference — you can ‘follow’ a particular magazine or topic — as well as the judgments of Lauren Kern, the editor in chief of Apple News, and her team,” Lee reports. “Although Ms. Kern provides a link between the news media and Silicon Valley, Apple will also have to get used to the journalists now associated with its team. The New Yorker weighed in on the Cupertino event with a satirical story headlined ‘Tim Cook’s Big Apple Circus.'”

Apple News+
Apple News+

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MacDailyNews Take: It seems that Apple News+ is off to an excellent start!

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    1. So National Review, Fox News, and The Hill are leftist? If you don’t like liberal sources, don’t read them; there is plenty of conservative and apolitical material on Apple News and News+. If you don’t like the balance, nobody is making you use Apple News or subscribe to News+.

      1. To Celestairhead and his ilk, everything in the world resides to the left of his extreme position. Then they come to AssJack’s Trump Daily News to hang out with their few friends.

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