Apple’s App Store revenue projected to more than double by 2023

“Global user spending in mobile apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play will reach $156 billion by 2023, according to projections based on Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data. This figure represents 120 percent growth from 2018 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8 percent over the next five years,” Randy Nelson reports for Sensor Tower. “These findings are part of Sensor Tower’s 2019-2023 App Market Forecast, out today.”

“Sensor Tower projects that user spending on the App Store and Google Play individually will more than double between now and 2023,” Nelson reports. “Our projections call for global revenue on Apple’s platform to reach $96 billion in the next five years, an increase of 104 percent over 2018’s total of $47 billion at a CAGR of 15.6 percent. Google Play, by comparison, is projected to reach $60 billion in worldwide spending, up 140 percent over 2018 at a CAGR of 19 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Note that, according to StatCounter, Google’s Android unit share of the smartphone market currently stands at 74.15% with Apple’s iPhone commanding 23.28%. Obviously, iPhone users are considerably more valuable than those who settle for insecure, privacy-trampling iPhone knockoffs.

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  1. I don’t think anyone believes that number. People are still concerned about the iPhone sales collapse and apparently, they don’t see Apple Services helping all that much to offset those losses of iPhone revenue.

  2. Yes. Buy AAPL below $200 while it’s on sale, because: In addition to underestimating services growth over next five years, AAPL bears have failed to account for (1) the accelerating explosion of AirPods + Apple Watch, which have no real competition. (2) As medical sensors improve – and Apple is researching & developing these like crazy – the sleeper watch will become indispensable for older folks, more capable, and also insurer-subsidized. Bears also forget that 3) iPhones eventually have to be replaced, that 4) it’s the installed base of iOS users who buy services (not current year iPhone buyers), and that 5) at WWDC in 2 months, we will see 2 years of iPad software innovation all at once (because last year’s advancements were mostly tabled to improve performance of older iOS devices.). So For People who care to have an ecosystem of secure devices of various sizes and use cases all of which interact seamlessly together, Apple is the only game in town. In A few more years of wearable advancements, it will be clear that Apple is the only reasonable choice for people who can afford it. I expect AAPL to increase at least 50% between now and then.

  3. It should be. The app users are rapidly increasing around the whole world. And eventually the big app selling platform apple’s app store will earn more. The projected revenue of Apple can be even more than mentioned here. I have to download the app from Apple’s app store for my writing task. You can check out my writing piece on Basically, apps help me to do my work more conveniently. And this statement is applicable to all app users.

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