Apple felt like a totally different company yesterday

“While I sat inside the Steve Jobs Theater watching Big Bird talk to a hand puppet on the stage, I realized Apple was not the same company I knew not long ago,” Mark Sullivan writes for Fast Company.

“Yeah, yeah, I know: Apple, under CEO Tim Cook, is becoming a services company to account for flagging iPhone sales growth. What we saw [yesterday], at Apple’s ‘It’s Show Time’ event in Cupertino – maybe for the first time – is the public face of that new company,” Sullivan writes. “Part of the reason the presentation felt so different is because it was as much about other companies as it was about Apple. It was about Apple putting an App’ wrapper on a bunch of content and services made by third parties.”

“‘It was Apple not telling it’s own story, maybe for the first time,”’ says Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies,” Sullivan writes. “There’s nothing wrong with Apple being a services company. Not monetizing the 1.4 billion iDevices out in the wild is just leaving money on the table. It’s also a matter of survival. The question is the company’s identity.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook has a thankless (besides the hundreds of millions of dollars Apple has and will pay him in gratitude) task in life: Follow the unfollowable.

Among other things, Steve Jobs was a visionary genius and a natural born showman. Obviously, Tim Cook is neither of those things. Still, Apple is full of creative geniuses and we keep hearing from little birds who chirp to us about truly magical things to come. Keep the faith! Apple is in transition, maybe a little confused, but Apple is still Apple.

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  1. Well if the future is services why not spin off the Macintosh as a separate company or just license the OS to people who actually give a shit about computers?

  2. It is quite obvious that continuing to sell more and more phones was going to see an end some day. Aren’t other phone makers having trouble pushing product. The benefits of having a new phone are getting smaller and smaller. Just like the desktop pc, the phone will have more power and features than is necessary for the average person. It is quite apparent that Apple knows this and is developing into other directions. Managing and servicing their base to get the most from a very connected product line is their current goal.
    The changes that Apple announced yesterday have been in the planning stage well before their phone sales dropped.
    KingMel is right in that the company needs to evolve and the direction is unknown. We still need a communication device and some sort of display. How that evolves will be quite interesting.

  3. Why, oh why does Apple insist on hold these events for unfinished products? Additionally, though I really appreciate their respect for their users, there is no way in Hades I am going to turn over every apect of my life to them. That’s insanity. If this is just tech in the 21st century, count me out. There are times that I honestly believe Silicon Valley simply died with Steve.

    1. Perhaps they feel more pressure these days from their competitors to announce product before it is ready. Or they’ve already booked the location and the talent making it too pricey to reschedule?

  4. I searched this whole thread first for two words, and neither appeared so I’ll post them: “diversity” and “fashion.”
    This was 100% the most diverse cast of presenters, with multiple woman VPs. It was not the same old (lovable) boy club. And everyone looked incredible. Clearly the stylists were at it full-tilt, and it made for a very hip presentation. When we’re talking about signals to investors, women, minorities, regulators, et al, these two things matter also.

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