Apple rebrands their 2015 Apple TV as ‘Apple TV HD’

“Following the event today, Apple has not released any new hardware but it has rebranded the 2015 fourth-generation Apple TV as the Apple TV HD,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The set-top box, formerly known as simply ‘Apple TV,’ now has a better name that it distinguishes it from the newer Apple TV 4K.”

“With the introduction of the Apple TV+ original content offering, Apple now has four products that start with the name ‘Apple TV.’ Apple TV app, Apple TV+, Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV HD,” Mayo reports. “However, the change to the Apple TV box is merely a rebrand. ”

So, no new Apple TV hardware was announced today, but Mayo reports, “The company did, however, announce that Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices would be adding the Apple TV app in the future.”

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MacDailyNews Take: By now having a price to announce for Apple TV+, could Apple still be waffling about whether to offer it free to Apple device owners?

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  1. I never really thought Apple was going to get in the cutthroat, low margin television game . . . I’d say opening up their ecosystem for the app to virtually every major manufacturer pretty much seals that deal.

    On another note, whenever someone asks me why I’d choose an Apple TV over the guts of a “smart tv” or a Roku player, etc., the best way I can ever think of to explain it to them is that I ask them if would ever be cool to own an iPad/iPhone with a display as large as their biggest TV, to which they usually say, “Yeah, sure.” Because that’s essentially what you’re doing — extending all of the media of your small screen devices to a large one, seamlessly. And I sometimes wonder if Apple’s own marketing team can’t figure out a way to describe it that way because if they did, they’d sell more than they do.

    1. … and, Apple RV 4K is extremely fast, provides better voice navigation than any other set top box, and is still the only box that provides Not only HDR10, it also Dolby Vision… oh, and the best compression in the set top box streaming industry (for content they have control over).

      And yes, seamless for any/all other Apple content or services you may have. From iTunes, purchased movies to your photos, it’s all there.

  2. I hope Apple gets out of content creation and focuses on excellent distribution and curation. I just worry that unless their programming is impeccable, it’ll turn off content creators from having to compete with Apple’s in house offerings.

  3. Why the heck does every Apple event have a tendency to drive down the stock price? It’s as though Apple doesn’t have a clue what investors are looking for. Other tech companies have their own events and their share prices jump. Why is Apple so clueless? I didn’t think the event was that bad and there were a few things I liked and thought would be good for the company and users. I guess the big investors didn’t see it that way. You’d think any strategy Apple has for extracting money from consumers would be something to be happy about.

    1. yes, ATV boxes are obsolete. There is no unique content on it. Since the new Apple TV is soon available on Roku, Apple just removed any reason to consider the clunky ATV and its horrid remote.

      Past performance by Apple gives you another reason to avoid the latest Apple hobby. Apple doesn’t update its home hardware more often than once every 4 years or so. Except stuff like Airports, Displays, and iPods — then Apple lets it rot on the vine for 8 years or so without updating, then unceremoniously yanks them from the back shelf of the last few stores that actually have them out for people to see.

      Buy a Roku and when technology progresses, you will be able to upgrade to a twice as capable box for half the Apple price. Unlike Amazon and Google, too, you won’t be the product.

      The only two things hardcore Apple fans can point to that they get are an Apple sticker and a significantly bigger price tag. Do the comparison yourself, you’ll see.

  4. TY for the input. Apple did a poor job explaining the post-app relevance of the Apple TV device. I, for one, love the remote. If the remote doesn’t work with the new app, that’s going to suck. Case in point: xfinity stream app on Roku requires Roku remote. Now that sucks. Can’t even type in channel numbers to change the channel.

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