Take advantage of the macOS App Switcher

“Do you use the macOS App Switcher?” Steven Sande writes for Apple World Today. “In the basic form, the Command (⌘) – Tab keyboard shortcut lists all apps currently running on the Mac.”

“Hold the Command (⌘) key and press Tab, and the App Switcher appears, floating above all windows on your Mac screen,” Sande writes.

“As long as you continue to press the Command (⌘) key, the App Switcher stays on your screen. To move through the active apps, tap the Tab key with the Command (⌘) key still held down, and it cycles through them from left to right,” Sande writes. “When you get to the app [to which] you wish to switch… just let up on the Command (⌘) key and that app becomes active on your screen.”

Read more, including using Exposé from the App Switcher, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As original macOS users, from the Mac OS X beta onwards, we’re conditioned to using the Dock. Newer, redundant methods and apps like Launchpad pretty much go unused, but more recent converts to the Mac might prefer these tools and methods.


  1. I use the app switcher hundreds of times a day. You might say I use it constantly. It’s just one of those unspoken things that gets used all the time, so much so I’m surprised anyone even asks “do you use it.” Might as well ask if you use a keyboard! One thing I don’t hear people talk about is how you can use the mouse to select which app you want, rather than hitting tab until you reach it. (tab is fine if you have a couple of apps open but if you have 10+, using mouse with cmd-tab is a bonus!

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