It’s official: Apple sends out invites to ‘It’s Show Time’ special event on March 25th

Apple today sent out invites for a special media event that will be held on Monday, March 25th.

The event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus starting at 1am PDT / 1pm EDT.

The invitation prominently features the tag line: “It’s Show Time,” which matches reports that the company will unveil its streaming TV and Apple News subscription service(s).

Here’s the invitation:

Apple's invitation to the 'It's Show Time' special event on March 25th
Apple’s invitation to the ‘It’s Show Time’ special event on March 25th

MacDailyNews Take: Just two weeks to go!


  1. MacPro
    Apple Display
    THAT is what many are waiting for….
    If I see them go on for 10 minutes over new emoji’s, I’m flying to Cupertino to bitch-slap Tim upside the head.

  2. With an animation like that, makes me think “Back to the Future.”

    Maybe Apple is buying a cable company to plug in to the Apple TV. And it will be ready in 2022… maybe.


  3. “Apple News subscription service(s)”

    I don’t need anyone, least of a tech company selling consumer devices telling me what is news and what to watch or not. I’m sure the only difference between Apple News and news carried on social media like youtube and facebook is that it won’t be festered with Russian propaganda

  4. To each their own of course but for me this is the very first Apple Event in the15 years of using Macs and other Apple devices that I have zero interest in watching and for which I have zero enthusiasm or excitement.

    Looking forward to WWDC though

    1. Agreed, new subscription service absolute waste of time media is no longer professional that hasn’t been for years why pay for it. TV, movies ehhhhhh. I just really don’t see Apple succeeding in content apple will be to Limited in what it will offer in my opinion.

  5. I can’t see Apple getting into this business unless there was something that significantly differentiated their entertainment offering from the rest of the pack e.g. with AR, VR, 3D or viewer involvement and interaction.

  6. Apple, or someone there, might be dreaming of the Sony model in the past. Jobs was enthusiastic about Sony at the time.
    Consumer gadgets and music entertainment business…..
    But look at them now. We can’t say Sony is shining now as much as they used to.
    But their pro equipment such as the broadcasting grade ones is absolutely dominating the field. Their digital photography component & software (chips included) as well.
    Apple, are you listening (or seeing) ? 🙂

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