Apple should fix the new MacBook Pro’s most ‘hideous’ design flaw

“Within about 30 seconds of starting to use my new MacBook Pro, I noticed something annoying,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “My palm and thumb kept brushing against the large trackpad, both when typing and when using the trackpad.”

“This is an annoyance because it detects the brush as a tap, enthusiastically moving the cursor about the screen randomly as a result, causing all sorts of mayhem. ‘Not to worry,’ I thought. ‘I’ll just go and find the palm rejections settings and tweak them,'” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “Then I realized that there aren’t any such settings in macOS.”

“People have been complaining about this since Apple super-sized the trackpad with the release of the 2015 MacBook Pro,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “While some seem to be happy with having a larger trackpad surface area, many feel that the thing is too big and gets in the way of typing. Others like the larger trackpad but wish that Apple had better palm rejection capability built into macOS to allow the accidental brushes to be ignored by the operating system. But we’re out of luck.”

Apple's MacBook Pro and its spacious Force Touch trackpad
Apple’s MacBook Pro and its spacious Force Touch trackpad

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MacDailyNews Take: If would be useful if Apple simply allowed users who are having difficulty to map the usable area of the trackpad to suit their usage (let them virtually block off the sides of the trackpad in System Preferences > TrackPad).

In our experience, most users, including us, love Apple’s large trackpads on portable Macs and have no negative issues with them whatsoever.


  1. I am convinced that my 15″ 2014 MB Pro is the last Apple laptop that didn’t have rage built into it. Even with its smaller trackpad, however, I occasionally get the unexpected text edit due to inadvertent pad touch.

  2. Here’s the poor’s man version of the fix. Use two pieces of ducktape on top of each other, on both sides of this monstrosity of a touchpad (4 pieces in total). A single piece on each side won’t work – taps still register. However, if you tap in the middle and slide your finger over the two pieces of ducktape, the pointer movement will still register. This has the added benefit of warning you when dragging smth that you are about to reach the end. This won’t work with three pieces of ducktape. done!

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