Apple shares new iPhone tips videos which cover Face ID, Live Photos, and more

Apple has debuted five new videos covering iPhone operation on the company’s YouTube channel which cover:

• How to easily access your boarding pass, credit cards, and tickets with the Wallet app
• How to chat with an expert in real-time
• How to find the best shot within a moving photo by selecting a different keyframe using Live Photos
• How to use your face as your password to securely log into apps via Face ID
• How iPhone’s water resistance lets you survive the accidental spill on your phone

MacDailyNews Take: The more of these, the better, as far as we’re concerned as many people are not aware of iPhone’s advantages over the iPhone wannabes.


  1. Apple:
    “Ahh, life is not easy and neither are Apple products. You see, we have become big so now we play with the big boys. Our engineers can no longer simply delight you; We have to make you labor more and more. Alas, that’s our new paradigm. That’s why we at Apple want to show you how to enter the world of the big boys. Look and learn.”

  2. The tips will be undoubtedly helpful for iPhone users. Apple is releasing new features frequently for their device. And the users sometimes face trouble to use these features. These types of video can be an awesome solution to this problem. As a professional writer of, I also use different types of tools. And fall in problem when these tools come with any new feature. So these types of video is really a praiseworthy initiative.

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