If Apple does a foldable iPhone, then folding phones will have been done right

“Apple didn’t invent the smartphone, the tablet, the mouse, the CD-ROM, Wi-Fi, laptops, personal computers, or smart watches,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “Apple has always known that being first isn’t what counts, and it certainly knows that about folding phones.”

“Media the world around is now wondering where Apple’s foldable phone is. Samsung comes out with one, and about twenty minutes later so does Huawei. Apple’s had days now and there’s no sign — okay, little sign — of a foldable iPhone, so that’s it, Apple’s over, says the reports,” Gallagher writes. “We do already know that Apple has been looking at foldable designs, so it’s not as if the company is completely going to wait until every Christmas tree has a foldable phone under it. What Apple is surely going to do is refuse to tell us anything until it’s ready. ”

“That will mean waiting to see what happens with what’s out, and it will also mean waiting to see what Apple can do that others have missed —because that is how Apple has always worked,” Gallagher writes. “If it sticks to form, Apple is going to try doing that again. It won’t be this year, it might not be next, but if Apple can find something useful that everyone else has missed, that’s when it will release a foldable phone… Unfailingly, Apple is always either late or incredibly late to the party. In every single case, though, Apple is better.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Apple wasn’t first with fingerprint recognition, they were the first to do it right with Touch ID. Apple wasn’t first with facial recognition, they were the first to do it right with Face ID. Apple wasn’t first with contactless payments, they were the first to do it right with Apple Pay.MacDailyNews, February 27, 2019

If and when Apple debuts a foldable iPhone, they’ll be showing the world how it should be done and what to copy going forward. As usual.MacDailyNews, February 27, 2019

As with fingerprint and facial recognition, when Apple debuts a foldable iPhone, then foldable smartphones will have been done right. — MacDailyNews, January 17, 2019

We’ll see a mess of weird attempts before Apple shows how it’s to be done, as usual.MacDailyNews, January 23, 2019

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    1. It means that the current versions suck…. samsung’s has a huge gap between the halves which looks horrible and is sure to lead to the irreplaceable screen being smashed. Huawei while much better looking has a large chin on the right side of the phone and folds the acreen on the outside of the phone. with that design a case is impossible to build and for 2600 bucks you are going to want a case for these things

      1. This moniker (it just works) is becoming presumptuous, or at least it’s one that Apple and Apple fans need to beware.

        It’s a moniker (Siri’s choice: monarch her) that I’ve used with confidence throughout the years of being a Mac user, but it’s clearly eroding with painful and obvious contradictions. Just one, and one very important contradiction: Siri. A critical feature on a critical device in a stacked market place and it fails the moniker test.

        As a fan, a user and a stockholder, I hope it remains true into the future, but…

      2. It’s these kinds of competitive mistakes that Apple learns from. That’s legitimate. That’s smart business, that’s shrewd business, but it’s not all that smart overall on tech terms.

    1. The author seems to be saying Apple will not release a foldable phone if they can’t find anything useful that everyone else has missed. Well time will tell how long Apple is wiling to wait.

  1. Wow, at least wait for Apple to actually release a product before gushing all over it! Apple makes mistakes all the time. From the round mouse to the Trashcan Mac “Pro” to Maps to Siri.
    Apple OFTEN releases great products, but blind zealotry just makes other Apple users look bad.

    1. and compare those mistakes to competition…it will be negligible.
      just look at how many features and products discontinued by Google and Samesung in last few years… you will know what I mean… nothing is perfect if there is any discussion about it no one comes closer than Apple…

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