iPhone SE is back on sale in Apple’s online clearance section starting at $249

“A repeating occurrence since the start of 2019, Apple has put the iPhone SE up for sale online, discounted in the Clearance section,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider. “This time, Apple is offering the iPhone SE in four color options, including Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. ”

“All versions are priced by capacity, with the 32-gigabyte variants priced at $249, representing a saving of $100 from the normal list price, while the 128-gigabyte versions are discounted $150 off the list price at $299,” Owen reports. “This is the same price as seen in earlier instances of the sale.”

Owen reports, “It is unclear how long the iPhone SE will be available to purchase form the online Apple Store, but previous instances saw availability last between hours and two days.”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Hoping that Apple are clearing out old stock ready for a new version.

    Don’t forget that the original iPhone was launched in the spring, so maybe a new version could be imminent.

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