Will Apple unveil any new hardware at March 25th special event?

“At the start of the week, you could reasonably guess that Apple might hold its semi-regular spring event to unveil a new 10-inch iPad and smaller iPad mini 5, an updated iPod touch, possibly AirPods 2, and new features in iOS 12.2,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “Reliable reporting has since adjusted expectations, giving us a rumored event date and a focus on new subscription news and video services in place of any hardware.”

Hall asks, “So when should we expect to see all that rumored hardware if there’s no hardware event?”

“We now expect Apple to hold a services-focused event on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater,” Hall writes. “For much of the rumored hardware, a simple press release is all you need. That’s how the last iPod touch debuted almost four years ago. That’s how Apple announced a whole new generation of MacBook Pros with True Tone displays last summer.
If the seventh-generation iPod touch is simply a processor update that enables Group FaceTime video calling and faster performance, it would only be a brief mention in a keynote anyway. The same is true for an updated iPad mini 5.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Or Apple could simply schedule a second event in April. It’s their own theater now. They could have an event whenever they like and the company has held two events in two back-to-back months in the past, as recently as 2018: Apple hosted a media event on September 12, 2018, with the tagline “Gather round.” The Apple Watch Series 4, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR were announced at this event. Apple then hosted a media event on October 30, 2018, with the tagline “There’s more in the making,” at which the new MacBook Air 2018 model, Mac Mini 2018 model, and the 11-inch third generation iPad Pro were announced.


    1. With all due respect, Apple should, but will not, probably ever in my lifetime, give us a true MacBook Pro with replaceable SSD, so we can “take out data out IRREVOCABLY” when the machine must leave our possession for any reason.

      Yeah, yeah, I know, automatic encryption, but I don’t like the idea of anyone getting their hands on my data & I think I have a right to protect my data physically.

      Handing my MBP over for service can mean the SSD/HD gets damaged, replaced, unencrpted or overwritten. That is NOT a good option for PRO users.

      How would I do it? Just make sure the user can remove his data storage device any time he decides to do it. It is a simple, effective, sane, effective practical option for Apple to implement.

      By the way, another option is MANDATORY to properly call a MacBook a “PRO” model. That is a Pro model which has a user/tec guy replaceable high end video card. That is what the word in the product name means, Pro!

      Can you guess I’m disappointed to date? Hey, the 2014 MBPro w/nVIDIA 750 card is a hell of a machine compared to today’s “MacBook Pro.”

    2. That would take too much effort. In a clear sign Apple doesn’t give a care about its Mac platform, it abandoned bright colored Macs, arguably one of the key differentiators that saved the company 20 years ago, so Ive can now concentrate on Apple Watch face colors.

      Ironically, Apple wastes enormous time producing new iPhone colors at random, only to have its salespeople push everyone to hide them under a protective case.

      Logic isn’t very strong at Apple these days.

  1. Maybe an updated Apple TV.? Given the nature of the event…

    Though i would love to see new updated iMacs, airpods .. but i feel those will be left for WWDC…

  2. The question should be “what is ready to announce?
    Also, what new chips (or other component) are delivered under cover to Apple and production is underway?

    iPhone SE2? Apple ramping up is based on when its ready. The company has sufficient funds to move on multiple products and the SE2 will be announced when it is ready to go.

    Same with the iMac. Or a new Mac with an A14/15 processor.

    Apple certainly has the cash for any new product development. They are even ready to help suppliers with funds for growth.

    So what is ready to announce now?

  3. I preferred the time when apple would announce products and services throughout the year. At one point there would be a new product every 2-3 months. This created positive vibes and good advertising.
    Apple really needs to get the Mac Pro out soon. Again not so much for revenue but to show customers that they are willing to cover all the bases for macs.

    1. I totally agree. Apple events always added a week or two of speculation and made it seem like the company was doing more. Now it’s just the non-hardware WWDC, and a September event for hardware and some press releases. I’ll never understand why they switched. It seems like the rationale was because they were afraid that the 6th or 7th iteration of a product wasn’t sexy enough to hold their own show, and their financials dictate that it’s better to release all their stuff just before the holiday shopping season. But now a two hour show in September sums up everything they did in the past 12 months, and everybody goes “that’s it?”

      Why not show off Macs for Mac people, iPads for iPad people, iPhones for iPhone people, entertainment for entertainment people, and software for software people? Keep Apple in the headlines, and make each fan base happy. Show the world what those thousands of employees have been doing. Its free advertising. Apple could make a presentation on the AirPods 2 alone and capture the worlds attention. It’s the position they’ve worked hard to achieve. Press releases are wasting that potential, and wasting the goodwill of the fans who want to see progress.

  4. Please Apple, let the pro torment continue. Hold out until the end of the year or longer for any Mac Pro 2019 introduction to further show your contempt of pros and their needs. Not to mention lackadaisical concern and any real serious attitude toward pros. You further endear yourselves to us by doing so the longer your huge clusterf*ck design mistake of 2013 continues without updating and correcting. Oh and then please show you learned nothing and make us just as angry with your cluless 2019 Mac Pro showing us how we wasted our time not moving to the Dark Side a long time ago.

  5. The best thing about slumping iPhone sales and smartphone saturation throughout the world, is that perhaps Apple will put some people back in the Mac marketplace and come out with something new more often than every 5+ years! I’m glad smartphones are waning… I’m so sick and tired of going to a “MAC” site and seeing nothing but shit about iPhones!

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