Apple apparently files for ‘Bald Eagle 5G’ trademark

“In one of Apple’s most unusual 5G developments to date, the company appears to have filed for a new 5G-related trademark in the Netherlands: ‘Apple Bald Eagle 5G,’ specifically listed as being used for mobile telecommunications network services in Benelux,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for VentureBeat. “It lists Apple at its One Apple Park Way address as the applicant and includes an accompanying ‘figurative trademark’ of an American flag with a cartoony bald eagle inside an Apple logo — in no way Apple’s style.”

“The company has occasionally used local filers and/or deliberately misdirecting shell company names in the past to mask its purposes when doing certain IP-related transactions. The company famously registered the name ‘IP Application Development’ to negotiate for iPad trademark rights without evoking the Apple name,” Horwitz writes. “By contrast, this filing appears to tie Apple’s name and 5G directly together (with America’s national bird, no less).”

Apple Bald Eagle 5G
Image Credit: Apple/BIPO

Horwitz writes, “The Apple Bald Eagle 5G filing was made on February 3, 2019.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sweet logo.


  1. The bald eagle is a fierce raptor and a noble symbol of the great United States of America. If Benjamin Franklin’s proposal had been adopted, the turkey would have become the national bird and Thanksgiving might have been a hearty feast of grouse and lentils. I wonder if the presidential custom of “pardoning” a turkey each year arose from collective subliminal guilt about killing and eating what might have become US.

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