Apple may be aggressively buying back AAPL shares again

“The indices are mixed and breadth is running about 2,900 gainers to 3,800 decliners, while Apple is trading up over 2.3% and helping to offset substantial weakness elsewhere,” James “Rev Shark” Deporre writes for RealMoney.

“Strong momentum in Apple on top of its already strong move following a mediocre earnings report doesn’t seem justified but there is speculation that its stock buyback program is hard at work and driving the action,” Deporre writes.

“Buybacks not only boost the stock due to their raw buying power,” Deporre writes, “but they also squeeze shorts and create fear of missing out which produces more buying pressure.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, after their Q119 report, Apple’s post-warning (January 2nd) buyback freeze has likely ended and the company is again aggressively buying shares at a nice discount.

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    1. I can’t think of a more accurate defintion of insanity than Apple dilligently buying back its own stock after each quarter trillion dollar crash.

      Reminds me of a biblical quote from the book of Proverbs:

      “As a dog returns to its vomit, so does a fool return to his folly.”

  1. And so they should. I had seen some reasons why Apple wasn’t buying back shares recently at their lowest point and they explained things I wasn’t aware of. I was complaining about something I really didn’t understand. It’s just that I want to see a lot more shares disappear which I think is a good thing for loyal shareholders, like myself, depending mostly upon dividends and dividend increases. Anything Apple does to put the squeeze on short-sellers makes me happy.

  2. “Mediocre earnings report” of $84.2 billion which puts them at 33rd not the Fortune 100 comparing them with only 1 quarter to the annual revenue of everyone above them.

    What passes for journalism these days is absurd.

  3. Stock buybacks are a poor method of building value for the investor. Wall Street likes them because they get fees and in some cases get to finance them.

    If Apple has generated more cash than it can invest wisely, it should declare a special dividend and pay it out.

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