Boy, 13, arrested after telling Siri he wanted to shoot up a school

“An Indiana middle schooler was busted for telling Siri he planned to open fire on a school — prompting the digital assistant to suggest possible ones nearby, police said in reports Friday,” Natalie O’Neill reports for The New York Post.

“The unnamed 13-year-old boy is accused of telling Siri, “I am going to shoot up a school,” the Valparaiso Police Department told the Northwest Indiana Times,” O’Neill reports. “The voice-activated iPhone assistant then responded with recommendations for several schools in the Valparaiso area — an interaction the boy posted in a screenshot on social media, police told the paper.”

“One of the kid’s friends saw the post and quickly called cops, according to police,” O’Neill reports. “But cops don’t believe he posed a real danger because he made no specific threat on a person or place, officers told the paper, saying it was likely meant to be a joke.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Note to 13-year-olds: That’s a bad joke. Not funny. You know what’s still a pretty funny joke, though? Apple’s Siri.

We’re hoping that, with the hiring of John Giannandrea, Apple has finally fully recognized whatever internal, structural, political, management issues the company had that retarded Siri’s progress for years and that we’ll see some real improvements, especially in contextual understanding, at WWDC 2019. — MacDailyNews, January 10, 2019

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  1. That’s surprisingly unpatriotic for someone from Apple’s home country. Now is the lad was looking to shoot up the people in a school, maybe torture a few of them first, Guantanamo on the Bay style, and the school he was looking at to do this was down the street from the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction program, or at least in the same country or time zone, he’s probably be OK.

        1. I don’t mind a logical counter argument though I really should have put a sshjtt tag on it (short story, humor, tall tale), even though it’s not very funny, especially for the Iraqi’s who have been the victims of genocide over the last 15 years for no reason that I can ascertain.

          1. … the fact that Saddam Hussein slaughtered Kurds and Shiites and even his own Sunnis? How about the fact that Isis is made up of Sunnis who want to take Iraq back from the Shiites and will kill anyone they see as an enemy? The various Iraqi factions have been murdered by their own countrymen for decades, yet you seem to believe it was all sunshine and lollipops in paradise before the evil Americans showed up. You’re living in your cozy little Canadian dream world Nancy, and it just scalds your ass that your country needs the U.S. just to exist.

            1. That’s a fine case of whataboutism, a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument.

              The emphasis on what you said distinguished Iraq from Apple’s home nation, they murdered their own. Saddam Hussein murdered his own. That’s not sunshine and lollipops that’s a sick demented country but it’s not as sick and not as demented at a nation that goes out and murders others, for no freaking reason whatsoever. The current president of Apple’s home nation recently made this statement: “”I disagree with them. I have intel people, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree. President Bush had intel people that said Saddam Hussein, in Iraq, had nuclear weapons –had all sorts of weapons of mass destruction. Guess what? Those intel people didn’t know what the hell they were doing, and they got us tied up in a war that we should have never been in. And we’ve spent seven trillion dollars in the Middle East and we have lost lives,” Trump said.”

              There is no weapons of mass destruction, no apologies to the people of Iraq, murdered by your hands, not the hands of their own people. And now the country wants to stay there so that it can watch Iran, I guess genocide in Iraq is now a hobby for Apple’s home country.

              A simple analogy comes to mind, a family is killed by members of their own family. That’s sick Iraq not lollipops and sunshine. A family is killed by members of some other family. That’s sick Apple’s home country, not lollipops and sunshine.

              The kicker is this 13 year old kid from Apple’s home country who wants to shoot up a school. This kid lived his whole life with his country at war, for absolutely no reason. Guess what, he’s not the only one.

              No country needs Apple’s home nation to exist, or defend itself from imaginary enemies.

              Irakarma is going to be such a bitch.

          2. “…I don’t mind a logical counter argument…”

            That’s pure BS. The ONLY reason you post here is to bash the USA. Period.

            Admit it: the only thing that makes you want to get up in the morning is your hatred of the USA, and knowing that you can vent said hatred via the internet. That’s why you get such strong replies.

            You have my deepest pity, you poor little thing.

            1. The thing that gets me up in the morning is my love for the free and civilized world. I know the two can be confusing but at the end of the day, I don’t kill anyone, especially innocent ones. Plus if you have noticed, I don’t bash Apple’s home nation on other topics.

              You have my pity as well for going for an ad hominem attack without any comment about the topic at hand. Typical if you are a citizen of the terrorist nation that is now Apple’s home country. That must really suck that you have to attack someone instead of presenting a logical counter argument.

              Oh not only my pity, my total lack of respect.

              “When children learn to devalue others, they can devalue anyone, including their parents.”

              Jean Luc Picard.

        2. A “logical counterargument” is the appropriate response to a logical argument.

          Trolling deserves no such courtesy, because trolling is evil – and the one thing that evil cannot stand is ridicule.

          So yes, the proper response to trolling is insults and ridicule.

  2. So MDN thankfully called Siri “Still a Joke” thank you, Siri should have been the flagship app that sold an iPhone, and turned it into a useful homepod as well, becoming a information juggernaut like Google, mining the worlds data. (Hey, and if Apple were smart, selling ads) But Alas, Apple Siri continues to FAIL,

    I find Siri so frustrating, So, it turns out that Siri voice activation turns off, when the battery is low, So here’s the deal, you’re never quite sure when that is,,

    So I’m SCREAMING in the car for Siri, and it never comes on with voice activation, SO SAD, so it turns out Low power mode will Turn off Siri voice command when it Kicks in at 20% power, BUT, Siri will then remain off until battery Sufficiently charged, at 80% SO All that time, Siri voice does not work, Making you feel like an idiot screaming for Siri,,, Totally unacceptable.

    So a fun feature basically frustrating and useless, So yes, you can push and hold the button, but that command comes ONLY after the Disappointing FAILURE of Siri as a voice assistant. See what I’m saying? it makes Siri a bad experience, And I already have a wife who never answers a question…

  3. Siri voice being off in Low power mode further illustrates the need for iPhones to need a HUGE boost in battery power. I maintain that NOBODY would sacrifice TWICE or THREE times the battery power for ‘thinness” WTF,, Proof? the first thing people do is buy a THICK Case, they feel the phone is fragile. NEXT, EVERYONE HATES a dead battery, which face it, happens after about an hour and a half of web searching with video, NEXT
    with that, Apple cant even launch wireless charging, NEXT, APPLE sees the need for a battery case, why not just a BIGGER Battery? Next,

    I’m tired of features going off because apple cant put a big battery in, Every time I pick up my phone its “DIMMED” even during the day, in bright light,,, I hate that, my eyes suck, Then without telling you Many features get turned off, Siri the worst. We already went through “Battery gate” and throttling….

    Therefore, I propose again the iPhone PRO, A rugged, military grade iPhone that has a HUGE MAX screen, Rubber corner bumpers, NO need for a case ever, unbreakable glass, and a THICK beautiful, long lasting battery, GO BIG, make it thicker than you’d think people want, they’ll buy it if it works,
    I’d buy it first day. Damn, Offer it in camo… (oh and then pick up a defense contract, that’s a good idea Duh, )

    1. “the need for iPhones to need a HUGE boost in battery power”
      No… Siri being off because it got below a certain power level while sitting IN A CAR which is CAPABLE of SUPPLYING a charge which would keep the iPhone ABOVE that certain power level is the need for someone to simply own their “senior moment” 🙂 That’s like spending two hours yelling at a HomePod wondering WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH APPLE when you forgot that you forgot to plug it in the last time you moved it. LOL

      “My eyes suck”
      See ‘senior moment’ above. 😉

  4. Even Apple’s voice to text feature works way better than Siri. If voice to text understands what I’m saying, why doesn’t Siri?

    I was impressed with Siri the first time I saw it, but Alexa is more impressive.

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  6. A strong woman … Is this a compliment or an insult? Society, it seems, still cannot decide … Dear girls, we understand human nature, we do not condemn men’s desires “not to let the” weaker sex “become strong – they are such themselves, but we are not fond of provocations either.
    Are you a strong woman
    Girls, can we finally decide for ourselves? And just denote:
    The strong is not the one who, unable to delegate, pulls everything on herself.
    The strong is not the one who, unable to negotiate, actively presses everyone and everything.
    A strong person is not someone who, not being able to clarify responsibility in time, takes the rap in everything and for everyone.
    The strong is not the one who, not being able to accept the free will of another person, knows and decides everything for everyone.

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